The RAVPower 500GB Mini SSD Is a Small Encrypted Powerhouse

The RAVPower Mini SSD in the palm of a hand. It's quite small!

RAVPower’s new 500 GB Mini SSD offers a glimpse into the future of SSDs. It’s small, cheap for its specs, and it even comes with encryption software. For $80, it’s one of the best future-ready external drives on the market.

On its own, the RAVPower SSD is a wonderfully fast and affordable storage device. There aren’t too many external SSDs in the $80 price range that offer 500 GB of storage and decently fast 540 MBps data transfer rates.

And really, that’s the device’s big selling point. It’s pretty fast, super small (7.2″ x 5.1″), and very cheap. The fact that it comes with encryption software and is powered by a USB-C cable (it comes with two USB-C cables) is just icing on the cake. You can use the RAVPower SSD with any USB-C compatible device, including the iPad Pro. And of course, you can connect the SSD to a computer via USB-C to USB-A cable.

Considering Size and Speed, It’s a Future-Ready External SSD

The RAVPower SSD next to a standard SD card. The SSD is about the size of three SD cards.
The RAVPower Mini SSD is about the length of three SD cards.

Solid-state drives get cheaper every year, and the market will probably be saturated with less expensive, faster options than the RAVPower SSD in the next year or two. But if you’re looking to buy a future-ready external drive right now, then this one’s a great option.

The RAVPower SSD has a decent data transfer rate of 540 MBps. That’s about half the speed of some $130+ external SSDs, but it’s more than enough speed for a hard drive of this capacity.

A little math tells you that 540 MBps is equal to 0.54 Gbps, or 32.4 GB per minute. That means you could fill the entirety of this 500 GB hard drive in about 15 minutes.

For a tiny $80 SSD with a future-ready USB-C, that’s not too bad. You could easily get a few years of use out of this drive before you find a cheaper, faster, smaller alternative. And even then, this drive probably won’t feel too outdated due to its forward-thinking design and encryption options.

Encryption Is Useful, but It Ain’t for Everyone

A screenshot of the RAVPower encryption software. It displays GBs available, along with the option to encrypt or decrypt the drive.

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