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5 Ways to Prepare Every Student for the STEM Economy

Success in our modern economy demands a wide set of skills, including content knowledge, digital literacy, leadership and strong problem-solving abilities. All students need to develop these skills. Early access to varied learning opportunities...

Learn & Make Learn | Student Story

Start Learning As 16-year-olds, one of the biggest challenges we faced was memorizing the lessons we learned at school. But, an even bigger challenge was remembering those lessons for a […] Read more

From a lawyer to an iOS developer | Student Story

Start Learning Last week, Aaron, the 11-year-old Self-Driving Car Engineer inspired us with his grit and determination to learn. This week we bring to you another super motivational career transition […] Read more

Career Coaching at Udacity

Learn More Close your eyes and think back to a coach you’ve had on a sports team (or P.E. Teacher if you weren’t into playing sports). They gave you tips […] Read more

Improved Teacher Well-Being Is Only a Breath Away

When Tammy ThompsonKapp was Principal of Lapham Elementary School in Wisconsin, she and her staff struggled to help students who came to school hungry, tired or coping with mental health issues. With tears in...