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Dealing With Work Transitions in Tech

My life has been full of work transitions lately, which has caused me to spend quite some time thinking about them. About a month ago the company I was working at was acquired. A...

Creating an Open Reviews Ecosystem

As consumer choice proliferates, people will rely even more on online reviews to inform their decisions. This makes reviews an increasingly powerful tool and valuable source of insight for individuals and businesses alike. The...

A Deep Dive Analysis of Cyberspace Economies

Blockchain economies exist in cyberspace and regular economies exist in geographical space. Cyberspace is inherently different from geographical space. That said, we believe it is not a stretch to assert that a blockchain fits...

Uber Wants to be an Amazon

Just like how Amazon is no longer about books, Uber is no longer about booking a car ride. Read the full story Read more

Problem-Solving For New Software Developers

Becoming an experienced software developer doesn’t mean knowing the solution to every problem, nor does it depend on knowing the entire system and its many edge cases. Read the full story Read more