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Raw Data & Google Analytics: A Game Changer

For a long time, I considered standard Google Analytics reports to be the best way to get useful insights. From time to time, I struggled with sampling, limitations, and weird results, but I didn’t...

What Is a Bounce Rate in Google Analytics?

Marketing analytics is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy. Ask anyone who’s dealt with marketing analytics, (which in most cases is Google Analytics), a bounce rate is a […] Read more

Google Analytics for WordPress (Part 1)

Start Learning When you create a WordPress website or blog, what’s your primary goal? It’s a no brainer, really – you want to attract as many subscribers and visitors as […] Read more

Apple’s latest ITP updates: What marketers need to know

Apple’s WebKit team is out with another update to Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) for Safari that targets potential tracking workarounds. In a blog post titled “Preventing Tracking Prevention Tracking,” WebKit’s John Wilander laid out...

Google Analytics & Privacy: Why Does it Matter?

If you’re running a website with Google Analytics installed, you may be wondering how it affects the privacy of your website’s visitors. There’s a growing distrust towards the digital advertising sector but what are...