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[Exposed] ZelaaCoin: Dubiouser and Dubiouser

ZelaaCoin by Sahil Arora, is yet another Crypto scandal. Let’s see how it has a sneaky token distribution mechanism, shifty claims, and a big, fat inexplicable token wallet. Read the full story Read more

How Liliana Pertenava Establishes Connections with Journalists

Former communications lead at Runa Capital, producer/director of the documentary film Crypto Rush, and Techstars Berlin Accelerator mentor Liliana Pertenava speaks about building relationships with TechCrunch reporters and other industry journalists, and talks about her Axxilion communications consultancy....

Not All Encryption Is Created Equal [Analyzed]

Encryption makes the digital world work. It consists of a few elegant math equations that scramble data before being sent over the internet where prying eyes could otherwise intercept it, read it, and manipulate...