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5 Web3 Startups That Are Pushing Boundaries

I’ve worked with Blockchain & Web3 startups consistently since 2017. I’ve seen teams come and go, businesses flourish only to fail, and bull and bear markets prop up, or kill great ideas respectively. Read...

Compound: The Money Market on Ethereum

On June 26, 2020, the value locked into the Compound protocol reached a staggering $1 billion, making it the “most valuable” decentralized finance protocol. In the past year, DeFi became the hottest topic in...

Ethereum is broken and I love it

I happened to publish an essay titled “I’ve seen the future of the web and it’s Ethereum” on the same day that between 150 and 300 million dollars worth of Ethereum was lost forever...

Should We Kick Hardware out of Blockchain?

You may think blockchain has little to do with hardware. After all, from Bitcoin to Etherum, blockchains are all software-defined. The hardware-based solution is usually more centralized. Read the full story Read more

WTF is a Grid Trading Bot?

Grid trading profits in a fluctuated market. Here are 9 reasons from an experienced trader who has used GRID Bot for more than 18 months. Read the full story Read more