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What Crypto Should You Invest In?

When you work in the blockchain space, you’ll hear one question again and again, whether it’s from your barber, your friends, or a social media DM: Read the full story Read more

Top 10 Software Development Trends for 2020 You Need to Know

Today we are seeing the fast digital transformation that affects all life spheres including business, healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment. Every day people use Artificial Intelligence-enabled programs like Gmail, Google predictive searches, personalized product recommendations...

Consensus Mechanisms in Blockchain [Explained]

Did you ever got a question, Without any central authority how does Blockchain works and how a decision made in Blockchain? Normally in central authority, there will be an elected leader, to make a...

What are Annotations?

And why should you care? Well, annotations are a brand-spanking-new way to add context to stories in a user-friendly way, augmenting the reading experience. Read the full story Read more

Blockchain-Verified Sentiment Postulate

The explosion of content on the world wide web, social media and chat networks greatly increased the interest in sentiment analysis from a growing number and variety of interested parties. Read the full story...

Did Your Shitcoin Break the Law? [Part 2]

In the movie Alladin, Jafar wishes to be a genie because of their incredible might and power. Alladin proclaims, “You wanna be a genie? You got it!”  Read the full story Read more