Public Relations Basic for Your Employer Branding

The degree employer’s brand relevance is reflected in the latest statistics: according to Employer Branding Insights Report 2019, 90% of candidates consider HR brand of an employer when applying, 95% of respondents say company’s reputation matters a lot for them. As per Talentnow, 50% of candidates would never work for a company with bad reputation even if they are offered more in terms of salary. The dominant majority of HR specialists agree that recruitment increasingly acquires features of marketing: the ability to sell a company as an outstanding employer has a direct impact on talent acquisition. People is the most valuable asset of any business. Our clients are pursuing the goal of building an HR- / employer’s brand. We are witnessing the steady growth of market demand. Companies are willing to invest in people and their employer’s brand. In view of this, I offer to discuss the topic from PR perspective.

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