Partnering With Influencers To Grow Your Social Brand

With more than 700 million monthly active users, much more than the 30 million it had when Facebook purchased it last year, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. The platform continues to grow, and with it, so do the marketing opportunities.

Most brands have a presence on Instagram and use it to connect with consumers, build customer loyalty, get users talking about their brands, and drive traffic to their websites – ultimately increasing engagement and profit. Getting other users, especially influential online stars, to endorse your brand, product, or channel through “shoutouts” can help your following increase dramatically.

What Is a Shoutout?

Any mention of your business, product, or site is considered a shoutout, and is achieved when others share your photos or use the “@” symbol before mentioning your name or product. Getting shoutouts will help you gain brand awareness and encourage users to seek out your profile and follow you.

You can also get shoutouts by using the Story function. When you post short videos and post them they show on your profile for users to see. They only last 24 hours, but it is a great way to drive your brand, and influencers often use it as a way to share content for others to try. If an influencer gives you a shoutout, it can greatly increase your fan base. For more information about Instagram and Instagram shoutout examples, there are many online guides to help you navigate.

How Do I Get Influencer Shoutouts on Instagram?

Like every other social media platform, Instagram is all about connection and engagement. It works because users engage with what they see in niches and trends they are interested in, and then build relationships with other people, celebrities, influencers, and brands.

Before you can get shoutouts on Instagram, you’ll need to put some effort into doing the legwork needed to engage with people and influencers on the platform, meaning that you’ll need to spend time liking and commenting on their posts and taking interest in their channels. Once you have built up relationships with both followers and influencers, you can start to expect to see your shoutouts growing.

What Types of Shoutouts Are There?

Generally, there are two different types of shoutouts – voluntary and paid. Voluntary shoutouts are often the best for driving organic traffic, but partnering with an influencer can often boost that success.

Influencer Shoutouts

When you partner with an influencer they will post shoutouts praising your product, brand, or service, and they’ll recommend that their followers check out your profile and follow you. While typically these partnerships are a paid agreement, there are times when influencers post shoutouts without getting paid. This generally only happens if you have engaged regularly with their channel and their followers, and have shown yourself to be valuable in some way to their brand. For example, if you volunteer to moderate their YouTube channel, they may volunteer a shoutout to thank you. The best way to find influencers to work with is to research the most respected, popular, and successful people in your specific niche. Get to know them by interacting with them frequently, and decide if paying them to try your product or recommend your service would benefit you both.

Voluntary Influencer Shoutouts

A voluntary shoutout is when a company or brand receives a mention or recommendation without entering into any relationship with the person posting, such as when someone raves about your great customer service, or how awesome your product is. Influencers often post voluntary shoutouts if they are sent a product they like for review. Or, a non-influencer user may have purchased your product and shared it on Instagram to share their excitement or satisfaction with the results. Or, they may hop onto Instagram to thank you for sorting out an issue or problem. Any time a user voluntarily posts a shoutout it helps promote your brand and keeps it trending and in mind. Remember that users can also post shoutouts when they are unhappy with your product or service.

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