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Makin’ it (at) Work: The Chanel Look for Less

Chanel-inspired looks are always a safe bet for office wear: They’re classic, they’re elegant, and you know they’ll make you look polished, professional, and fabulous. But they’re not always budget-friendly—until now!

Want Equal Pay? Take This Challenge

We all know it’s a problem: American women make 77 cents on the dollar, compared to men. But what’s less clear is how to change that. And that’s why we at The Daily Muse are encouraging you to participate in the Equal Pay App Challenge. Read on to see how you can be part of the solution.

How to Deal: Living on a Budget

Living on a budget can be a hard lesson to learn. Take it from our “How to Deal” columnist, who had to deal with a few “low balance” warnings in the early stages of her career. Read on for her important tips for getting back on track.

How I Got Over My Hatred of Networking

No one despised networking more than this young professional—but she got over it, and so can you. If you’re dreading your next networking event, check out her tips for making the best of it.

5 Surprising Mistakes Job Seekers Make

Everyone knows to keep a resume to one page, right? Turns out, job seekers make this mistake (and others) all the time. Direct from a hiring manager, here are the moves you should never make—and what you should do instead to stand out from the crowd.