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10 Internship Experts to Follow on Twitter

Looking for an internship? We’re here to help! To kick off Internship Week at The Daily Muse, we’ve scoured the Twitterverse to bring you a list of the best career and internship experts out there. Check out the advice from our favorites.

What to Consider Before Becoming a Road Warrior

What you wouldn’t give to be one of those traveling salespeople, cranking the tunes in a company car and sporting a tan acquired from golfing with clients, right? Not quite so fast. We got the scoop from a road warrior on what life on the road is really like.

Has Your Favorite TV Show Jumped the Shark?

Is your favorite TV comedy past it’s prime? You know that feeling: It’s the moment you find yourself watching in stony silence. Or when every joke elicits, at best, only a weak chuckle. But if you’re still not sure, here are 4 sure signs its time to reset that DVR.

Think You Can’t Meditate? Try This

If you’ve ever wanted to try meditation, but didn’t think you had the discipline or time, you’re in luck. These simple techniques take just a couple of minutes—and you can fit them your day, no matter what you have planned.