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The Gender Pay Gap: How Far Have We Come?

“Equal pay for equal work” sounds like a simple concept, but how close are we to actually achieving that standard? Neale Godfrey, one of the first female banking execs, reflects on how the gender pay gap has evolved—and how you can make sure you’re paid what you’re worth.

Hate to Fly? 5 Ways to Beat the Mid-Air Blues

Afraid to fly? You’re not alone. Whether you hate the lack of control or can’t stand being stuck in a cramped space with little to do, here are some strategies on how to beat the mid-air blues.

Are You Ready to Be a Small Business Owner?

Going from one-man freelancing show to small business owner is a bigger step than it seems. As someone who made the transition from freelance to small business recently, I can’t say I have all of the answers. But I can share some tips for avoiding the bigger land mines we detonated along the way.

5 Better Ways to Talk About the 5 Most Common Resume Gaps

So, you’ve got a gap in your resume? Maybe you decided to travel, or go back to school, or maybe you looked after a sick relative, or you took time out to be a parent yourself. Regardless of the reason, we have the responses that’ll help make a positive impression during your interview.

6 Secrets for Avoiding Interruptions at Work

Have a big project you need to get done? Unfortunately, you can’t always close your office door or tell your co-workers to go away. But you can try these ideas to stop unanticipated breaks from throwing you off your game.