Mindset – Is Being a Product Manager the Worst Job? With Laurel Gray and Rosemary King

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In the very first episode of Mindset, Rosemary King, our Director Training Products welcomes Laurel Gray to the sofa. Laurel is currently Head of Product at allplants, an innovative plant-based food delivery service. Rosemary and Laurel discuss the (sometimes!) thankless nature of product management and draw from their own experiences and expertise to answer questions from the Mind the Product community.

Show Notes

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| What is the best way to establish psychological safety and encourage sharing amongst developers and the broader team?
15:21 | How do I get a team of engineers aligned working together towards one goal?
23:18 | How can I effectively surface findings from my user interviews with my leadership so we’re all on the same page?
31:53 | How can I advocate and convince stakeholders to make the current product more frustration-free and stable for existing users instead of just building out new features?
40:19 | How can I manage my tasks and reduce distractions more efficiently?


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About Mindset

Mindset is a monthly series where expert product thinkers give helpful answers to your product practice questions.

We collect the questions from our training workshop attendees and the greater Mind the Product community. And, because we feel everyone should have access to this information, we’re sharing Mindset with the entire Mind the Product global community.

Mindset – Is Being a Product Manager the Worst Job? With Laurel Gray and Rosemary King 1We’ve served hundreds of product people in training sessions around the world. We’ve grappled with thousands of questions from product managers asking what the workshops are like, who attends, what, and how we teach, but we also get a ton of penetrating product practice questions from participants in the classroom and insightful answers back from our trainers. We realised that we need to scale how we answer these questions so we can maximise the benefit of the answers for everyone in our community, not just those who have attended our workshops.

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