It’s all GOOD – 8 Sites Sharing Good News

It’s all GOOD – 8 Sites Sharing Good News 1

Sometimes We Can All Use Some Good News

One great irony of the World Wide Web is that the wonder of “information at our fingertips” brings with it various challenges, including fake news, astroturfing, cyber bullying, and the rapid proliferation of bad news. The latter, at least, is not so much about being manipulated by the media and those with power – it is just a digitally-enhanced version of the old adage, “no news is good news”.

As I write this, the second worst Atlantic Basic hurricane in recorded history is pounding the Bahamas. My heart goes out to the people suffering from this catastrophic weather. The situation looks terribly scary and dangerous. I’m not looking forward to hearing the likely outcome in the news tomorrow, and the potential impact on along the east coast of the U.S. The availability of internet-based news sources makes the horror of nature’s onslaught all too visible, in near real time. It wasn’t always this way.

While there is no sense in hiding from the reality of the bad things that happen every day, there is something important to be said for trying harder to balance the bad with some good. We should be sharing uplifting, inspiring, or even just amusing news items, to help us, and our students, remember that the world is beautiful place full of people striving to help each other. Good outweighs evil and chaos every day, and all of that bad news is a really a much smaller story than the good things that happen around us all the time.

Fortunately, there are actually many sites on the web that focus exclusively on GOOD news! Click over to a few of these, consider subscribing, share them with your students, and let’s keep fighting the GOOD fight!

Good News Web Sites

Note: While the phrase “The Good News” had often been associated with Christian religions, I have focused on sites that do not push a secular agenda, in order to appeal to a breadth of readers.

Do you know of other Good News sites? Please drop a comment and share!

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