How to Take a Photo on a Chromebook

Camera App Chrome OS

Your Chromebook comes equipped with a built-in camera you can use to snap pictures to post to your social media accounts or share with friends and family. Here’s how to take a photo on a Chromebook.

How to Take a Photo

Google recently rolled out Chrome OS 76 stable, which came with a bunch of new features such as Virtual Desks and a redesign of the Camera app. Google moved the position of the shutter button and camera mode, added a landscape mode, and implemented some much-needed improvements to shutter speed.

For this tutorial, we will use the stock Chromebook camera app, though you can use any camera app from the Play Store that you prefer.

First, open the Camera app on your Chromebook. You’ll find it under the launcher menu. Tap the “Search” button on the keyboard and search for “Camera.” Alternatively, click the “All Apps” button and look for the camera icon.

Tap the Search button, then type Camera to find the Camera app

Once the app opens, click the shutter button, located on the right side, to snap a picture.

Click the shuter icon to snap a pic.

By default, the photo is taken in landscape orientation. However, if you click “Square” before the shutter button, your photos will be square in shape with equal portrait and landscape dimensions.

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