How to Create a Custom Template in PowerPoint

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PowerPoint provides extremely useful resources called templates that automatically construct the foundation and framework of your presentation. If you can’t quite find one that’s just right for you, you can create your own. Here’s how to do it.

Create a Custom PowerPoint Template

To create a custom PowerPoint template, you’ll first need to open a blank presentation. You can do so by clicking the “File” tab and then selecting “New” in the left pane.

Open a new powerpoint presentation

A large library of templates will appear, but since that’s not what we’re looking for, go ahead and select the “Blank Presentation” option.

Select Blank Presentation

Next, you need to choose the slide orientation and size. In the “Customize” group of the “Design” tab, select the “Slide Size” button. A small drop-down menu will appear. Here, click the “Customize Slide Size” option.

custom slide size

The “Slide Size” dialog box will appear. Here, you can (1) adjust the slide height and width or simply select a predefined option from the drop-down menu, and (2) select the slide orientation.

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