How to Add or Remove Rows and Columns in Google Sheets

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Google Sheets lets you add rows or columns to an existing spreadsheet on the fly to help you organize even better. Whether you want one or ten, above or to the right, here’s how to insert rows and columns into Sheets.

How to Add Rows or Columns

Fire up your browser and head to the Google Sheets home page. Open a spreadsheet in which you want to insert a few rows or columns.

Open a spreadsheet that you want to insert some rows or columns into.

Next, click on a cell where you want to insert a column or row next to. After, select “Insert” from the toolbar.

Highlight a cell that you want to insert a row or column next to, and then click "Insert."

From the Insert menu, you’ll see a few options for inserting rows and columns into your spreadsheet. You can insert rows above or below and columns to the left or right of the selected cell.

Next, from the options available, choose rows above or below or columns to the left or right.

If you want to insert more than one row or column at a time, highlight as many cells as you want to add. For example, highlight two vertical cells to insert two rows or highlight two horizontal cells to insert columns.

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