How I started my IoT Company

A biological marvel, the human itself known as homo sapiens. In the Latin language, it stands for a wise man. A wise man that survived about 200,000 years of evolution and extinction. There are many perspectives towards its survival and today I would like to share my perspective, slightly vague but different. There is a concept of what drives you that has become popular within the last decade. Certain presumptions about the driving force are based upon raw emotional aspects such as passion and rage. I find to myself that these aspects are reactions to our stubbornness to keep on going on but the negative aspect is that these reactions are short-lived and eventually man settles with peace. I would like to share a certain experience in a short period of my life that has produced results beyond my expectations. It is a small story of how I created my IoT Device converted into a product and made a company out of it.

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