Forging A Visible and Informed Presence for Post-Covid-19 Travel

In the Spring of 2010, BP’s DeepWater Horizon Offshore Drilling Rig exploded during an exploration mission. What ensued was the most massive ecological disaster in American history. Over 4.9 million barrels of oil streamed into the Gulf of Mexico for almost five months. Besides the destruction of America’s third coast shoreline, it created a summer-long closure of most of the Gulf of Mexico-based fisheries and tourism. The cost for environmental cleanup and the economic recovery packages for localities almost destroyed British Petroleum (BP), one of the largest energy companies in the world. At one stage-as fears of bankruptcy loomed across the globe-BP even had their credit line temporarily frozen. Only after the announcement of a $20 billion rescue package did BP stabilize, still not enough to cover the Gulf States’ tourism losses (2010–2013), which came in at just over $23 billion.

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