Data Science and SEO: A Winning Combo for Mirela

Data Science and SEO: A Winning Combo for Mirela 1

Mirela was a digital producer for the SEO department at a Romanian startup when she discovered the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. After completing the program in less than 6 months, Mirela secured a new job in a new city that combines her passion for both data science and SEO.

B.C. Before Coursera

I have a background in numbers. My Bachelor’s degree is in Cybernetics, Statistics and Computer science for business, which I earned 20 years ago. I worked in banking and management with a lot of financial data but with more traditional tools like Excel. Back then, we hadn’t heard of data science.

I originally came to Coursera to study SEO and social psychology, but then I started hearing more about data science and its connections with those two topics of interest. I knew I wanted to learn more so I enrolled in the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. At this point, I had no prior data science experience so the course content was largely new to me. 

The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate reignited my passion for analytics – it was the kickstart I needed in order to make the change I wanted. I learned how to use Python for Power BI which was especially helpful for clustering customers. After finishing my IBM certificate, I was able to transition from the SEO department at the startup I work at into a more data-driven role in the R&D Analytics department. 

New City, New Job – Onto the Next Adventure!

The good news doesn’t stop there. Not long after I completed the program, I applied for a new job that combines SEO and data science. The recruiters saw my LinkedIn profile where I posted my Professional Certificate and, during the interview, they told me they were impressed with my desire to learn new things and continuous self-improvement. After some back and forth, they told me I got the job!

This experience has shown me that I don’t need to feel stuck in an old profession or afraid to develop new skills to launch a new career. Now I’m preparing to move to Barcelona to start a new life with a job that excites me!

It’s always been a dream of mine to live in Barcelona, and now it’s becoming a reality. I’m incredibly grateful that Coursera and IBM helped me discover the relationship between SEO and data science so that I was able to pave a new path for myself. It’s never too late to launch a new career!

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