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5 Things You Should Know Before Working at a Start-Up

Working for a start-up can be a fun, smart, and even life-changing move—but it’s also going to be vastly different than any world you’ve been in before. Before you electronically sign on the dotted line, make sure you’ve memorized these 5 working-for-a-start-up mantras.

The Difference Between Start-ups and Corporate

Are you trading in your casual dress code for a suit? Transitioning from a start-up to a corporate environment isn’t easy, but this manager shares how she made the switch successfully—and gained a lot in the process, too.

4 Ways Working With Consultants Can Boost Your Career

Consultants often get a bad rap, but the truth is, they can be a good thing—for your company, and for your career. Before you start panicking (or hitting the job boards), consider these tips for getting the most out of the situation.