5 Top-Notch Off-Page SEO Tactics To Build Authority

Who wouldn’t want to rank on the first page of Google, right? But do you think it’s a piece of cake to be on the top? No, as the internet is jam-packed with millions of web portals and making your way through them is no less than climbing a steep mountain.

A comprehensive search engine optimization strategy could be the key to driving organic traffic and boost your online credibility. Want to know the secret sauce to build such an optimization plan for your online business?

The trick lies in paying attention to the off-page landscape that helps in boosting the credibility of your platform by earning high-quality backlinks, which raises your brand authority and establishes you as a niche expert in your industry.

What Makes Off-Page Optimization A Priority?

Most of us pay attention to on-page factors and work on streamlining the user experience of our websites or increasing the page load speed to satisfy end-users. There is a need to integrate a couple of unique practices for generating quality leads.

Connecting with the right people expose your content in front of the audience. These people can bring more traction to your content by:

  1. Building links to it
  2. Sharing the same with peers

But How To Reach The Right People With The Right Message?

To connect with the targeted audience, first, you need to sketch their persona and figure out their needs. The process to weave a remarkable story can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Identify the specific keywords based on the search intent of your end-users
  2. Leverage those keywords to build a fresh and relevant story

A comprehensive and strategic off-page plan has many perks in the long run, but to give you an idea here we have compiled the major ones:

1. Building brand authority through guest blogging for earning quality backlinks. But this requires you to get in touch with the niche from forum sites, directories, resource pages, guest posting sites. You can try Rankvy’s 50K+ Guest Posting Sites List

2. Expanding the network by connecting with key industry influencers via relevant outreach

3. Elevating the trustworthiness of your website allows search engines like Google to index it quickly and rank higher.

4. Better exposure to drive quality traffic to your portal, which in turn maximizes the chance of conversions.

Is There A Shortcut To Achieve Off-Page Optimization Success?

There is no shortcut as such, but focusing on a few specific techniques can help you to grab the attention of Google crawlers that have become even more efficient and smarter than before.

The recent BERT update is one of the biggest in Google history as it has transformed how the web pages were indexed and ranked earlier. There are a ton of blogs and predictions about this recent SEO update, but in reality, it’s simple. 

When so much is going at the Google forefront, how can you be stagnant?

We have cherry-picked a few off-page SEO techniques based on the relevance in the advanced web landscape. So, how can you modernize your digital marketing arsenal by integrating the ones that seem the best to fulfill your specific business objectives?

1. Build Long-Term Relationships To Develop A Niche Network With Key Industry Influencers/Publications

Guest blogging is one of the most leveraged off-page SEO practices that can bring lots of quality links and traffic to your portal. Doing this requires patience and a strategic approach. 

You need to go step by step and follow some essential rules that guarantee success:

  1. Identify relevant publications that accept guest posts in your niche. 
  2. Connect with the key persons by developing a strategic outreach plan and pitch them wisely to earn a backlink.

You can get in touch with the key bloggers, speakers, and influencers in your industry and convince them to give a link to one of your articles in their future work. In return, you can share their work as well because no one will do as a charity.

Whatever approach you undertake, just make sure that you aren’t landing in their spam folders; otherwise, all your efforts will go in vain. So, keep your pitches personal and crisp to guarantee an excellent response rate.

2. Create Fresh Content By Doing Some Original Research To Establish Your Thought Leadership

Writing articles loaded with case studies is the most common approach undertaken by the marketers and content crafters. But the trick is to tweak this a little and compose fresh pieces for which you might need to do some original research. Also, try and incorporate real-time insights and personal experiences to add value to the content.

Along with enlightening articles, creating compelling infographics, visual content, audio content like podcasts and interactive pieces are some other ultimate masterstrokes. Such content drives engagement and encourages more readers to go through the information provided. 

Interactive content helps you establish thought leadership in your niche to grab more targeted traffic to your website. Besides, it allows you to develop a loyal audience base for your platform.

When publishing articles, infographics or any other form of content, make sure to track your content marketing with Google Analytics, as without it, you will not know if your precious content marketing efforts are generating results or are a waste of time and money. 

3. Build Brand Awareness Through Social Media Engagement

No one wants a single interaction with potential buyers, but cultivating long term relationships is the key to nurture a loyal customer base. Thinking of social media to build a niche community might seem overwhelming initially, as this is a noisy place full of clutter and distractions. 

But these platforms allow you:

  1. Creating an open dialogue for your targeted audience.
  2. It is evoking maximum participation that eventually helps you in fostering a supportive community of followers.

According to GlobalWebIndex, approximately 50% of internet users follow the brands they love on social media platforms. However, the next year (2020) will witness a surge in the usage of these channels for online product research.

The social channels have gained traction because, in the tech-driven landscape where most of the things are Robo-controlled, customers are looking for a human element that can establish with these platforms.

You can do a lot using these channels, such as connecting with quality leads through Facebook Messenger, answering their questions with the help of posting interactive content, and, most importantly, personalize your interactions as much as possible to build a loyal follower base.

We understand that it’s daunting to manage your prospects on every social media platform, but targeting a couple of these with a strategic approach can help you in bringing your business to life. Also, you can try Instagram to share the images and stories related to your brand with your targeted audience for keeping them involved. 

Being proactive on these channels help you to grab the attention of quality prospects by developing a caring and empathizing image. So, start slow but stay actionable to drive maximum social engagement and convert them into regular customers.

4. Harnessing The Potential Of Q/A Platforms For Substantial Traffic Boost

Question & Answer sites such as eHow, Quora, and Yahoo Answers have immense potential to boost the visibility of your portal, but using them randomly is of no use. 

So, be ready to step-up your marketing game plan and start posting useful as well as relevant insights to grab the spotlight. 

Broadening your horizons and responding to other niches that aren’t directly related to your business. Don’t look at these platforms as just a way to earn links but answer questions as honestly and methodically as you can. 

Submitting your business to niche directories and syndication sites can also prove beneficial in the long run. These tasks are time-consuming but eventually reward you with sizeable traffic gains, which in turn, expand your reach and boost brand credibility.

5. Do Not Even Think Of Doing Black Hat SEO Ever

As discussed in the first section, Google has become even smarter, and now you can’t trick the same to get higher ranks in search results. Due to this few of the most common black hat SEO practices are now a big no-no:

  1. Publishing duplicated content
  2. Malicious SEO exercises such as link buying

Just a small hint can get your business blacklisted and your site penalized. So, make sure that you are practicing only proper SEO techniques that might not give instant results but will surely fructify in the long run. Off-page SEO is more like a marathon, which is time-consuming but promises to grant full returns in the future.

Final Words:

Ranking on Google has never been natural, but you can make the challenge a little easier by following these off-page optimization tricks. Remember, your end-user is the king, and hence empathizing with their search intent and leveraging the right keywords could be your lifesaver when it comes to tempting Google crawlers.

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