5 Reasons Every Marketing Agency Should Perform Case Studies

As you may know, a case study is simply a thorough account of the actions completed and results generated during a marketing campaign or other business effort. Essentially, it gives you a bird’s eye view of what was done to facilitate progress and how effective the overall game plan wound up being. Conducting a well-rounded case study can be a challenging process that involves that use several performance monitoring and analytical tools. While there are many ways to track, record, and analyze your business progress within the context of a case study, those steps are generally self-explanatory. Since the why is often more important than the how we’re going to cover the following five reasons why every marketer should be conducting case studies:

1. Generating Proof of Concept

A case study is more than just atypical testimonial, it is an overview of every bit of progress that was made during a campaign from the perspective of the marketer, not the client. That means you get to show prospective clients exactly how you’ve helped previous clients obtain desirable results using the strategies and services that you have on offer. As any experienced entrepreneur can tell you, generating and demonstrating proof of concept is an essential step to take in order to convince clients, investors, and business partners that your brand is worth dealing with. You can use a marketing dashboard to generate reports that will help in creating comprehensive presentations within your case studies. 

2. Helps Refine Processes

Since every case study will involve a thorough retrospective analysis, you’ll inevitably discover things that you could have done better and adjustments that can be implemented in upcoming campaigns. By publicizing your case studies, you also invite your colleagues and peers to provide their critique of your methods, which could lead you to the discovery of improvements that are just waiting to be made. 

3. Creating Trust and Awareness

Developing and documenting a comprehensive case study will not only give you a newsworthy item to start distributing content about on media outlets and other platforms, but it’s also the kind of content that will earn your brand trust and authority. Any brand can create some fancily worded marketing material and bombard prospects with advertisements all day, but few actually take the time to prove what they’re capable of. If a client can see that you’ve already done a great job for another company in the same niche, they’ll be more likely to be persuaded into giving your services a try. 

4. Staying Competitive

Since most of the top marketing agencies do have case studies to show their leads, it only makes sense that you should try to have the same level of proof on hand in order to compete in an increasingly competitive industry. Any agency that has been in business for more than a year and still hasn’t produced a case study could be putting itself in a position to be considered obsolete and non-competitive in comparison to agencies that can provide case studies that are applicable to multiple niches. In fact, one could argue that case studies are the most competitive form of promotion because they provide direct insight into the inner workings and exact results achieved within each campaign, as measured by standard, widely understood metrics. 

5. Documenting Brand Growth

Publishing case studies as your marketing agency continues to grow and improve its abilities will let you look back at your progress and how your methods have evolved over the years. Thus, even if you’re not experienced in carrying out marketing campaigns, keep case studies of your first campaigns to give you a documented starting point that you can reflect upon at a later date after making substantial progress. This type of growth also shows future clients and investors that your company is progressive and motivated to continue elevating its rank. 

Case Studies are the Centrepieces in a Great Portfolio

While it’s possible to get by without having any case studies posted on your agency’s website, the fact of the matter is you’ll notice a clear increase in interest, engagement, and conversions if you have an extensive and creative portfolio that proves the kind of results you’re capable of providing. 

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