19 Dishes to Make in Your Dutch Oven That Aren’t Stew

Kenyan chargrilled chicken in a stout cast iron Dutch oven dish.
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We all know a hearty stew belongs in a Dutch oven, but there’s no need to limit what this versatile kitchen tool can do! Whether you’re making chicken or sourdough, your Dutch oven has you covered.

Stews are great, but we wouldn’t own a Dutch oven if that’s all you could use them for. Dutch ovens are multitalented. They were created during a time when cooking over a fire wasn’t just a fun throwback but essential to survival.

All those pioneers who spent their nights cooking over an open flame weren’t living off soup. They had a vast selection of dishes to choose from then, and we have an even larger one now. Plus, we no longer need an open flame. Your favorite stove burner or oven will do just fine.

Main Dishes

Here are some main attractions you probably didn’t know you could cook in your Dutch oven:

  • Red wine-braised short ribs: A quintessential Dutch oven dish! We love this recipe in particular, as do it’s 158 other reviewers, so we doubt you’ll disagree.

Get the Recipe: Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

  • Chicken Adobo. This vinegar-laced Filipino dish is delicious, regardless of the cooking vessel. But, in a Dutch oven, it comes out melt-in-your-mouth tender with half the cleanup. If you haven’t had the chance to try this dish, we highly recommend it!  And don’t limit yourself to chicken—it works just as well with pork.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Adobo

whole chicken, roasted with coconut and lemongrass, in a Dutch oven
  • Whole roast chicken: There’s something supremely comforting about the smell of chicken roasting in the oven all afternoon. We also love that this recipe includes instructions to move this dish outside over a campfire, should you be so inspired.

Get the Recipe: Oven Roasted Chicken

  • Carnitas: These crispy little pork bits are always a good decision, and a Dutch oven is a great way to make them. We love a recipe like this because one day of cooking leaves you with leftover shredded pork you can use all week!

Get the Recipe: Carnitas

  • Lamb Tagine: The word “tagine” refers to a clay cooking vessel, similar to a Dutch oven but with a cone-shaped top. It’s used to make braised dishes that contain lamb, chicken, or dried fruit. A Dutch oven works just as well for this traditional lamb and apricot version.

Get the Recipe: Lamb Tagine

  • Duck Confit: This sounds fancy, but once upon a time, it was considered a very humble French dish. To “confit” means to cook meat in its own fat. The result is a very tender, rich, and well-preserved entree. Once the confit process is complete, the meat lasts in the fridge for up to three months and can be frozen up to one year.

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