11 Practical Gifts for the Handy DIYer in Your Life

A tape measure, red drill and drill chuck, and a level.
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While it’s great to give fun presents, sometimes, the best gifts are practical. If someone you know is a DIYer or likes to fix things, chances are he’s put off buying necessary supplies. Why not give the gift of stuff he needs?

Don’t Buy Tools

The one thing you won’t find on this list is tools. It’s tempting to gift tools, especially when you find a great deal, but that’s always a mistake. Tools are a very personal choice, and often, they require shared systems for batteries and other features.

That battery-powered drill you’re looking at might be excellent, but it also might be incompatible with the rest of your friend or family member’s battery-powered devices. That means extra chargers, extra spaces, and a battery that only works for one tool instead of many.

It’s like gifting a piccolo to someone who plays the flute. Sure, a piccolo is a type of flute, but it’s probably not the same kind of flute your friend plays. She’ll probably politely thank you for the gift, but won’t appreciate it as much as you thought.

If you want to gift a tool, consult the recipient first. That might take the surprise out of the holiday, but a good gift is better than the surprise of an unwanted present.

Get Supplies Instead

In addition to tools, every DIYer needs supplies. Disposable items and components wear out and need to be replaced. However, supplies aren’t fun and shiny, like a new tool or accessory. That’s why a lot of people re-use things like sandpaper much longer than they should.

Eventually, though, they’ll run out, have to stop what they’re doing, and head to the store. You can save your friend or loved one a trip to Home Depot this year by gifting her the supplies she needs and has waited too long to replace (again).

All the Sandpaper: 400 to 3000 Assorted Grit

The thirty-six sheets of sandpaper in the Miady pack fanned out in a semicircle.

Sandpaper is one of those provisions nearly every DIYer or handy-type needs, and yet, it’s never in good supply. Rather than throwing out that last sheet and buying more, people just continue using a tired piece well past the end of its life.

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