10 Ways to Personalize Your Slack Account

The Slack Logo.

Slack is a popular communication service primarily used in workplace environments. The defaults are sensible, and it looks pretty. However, you can personalize your Slack account, so it looks and acts the way you want it to.

Add a Photo or Avatar

Being able to see what someone looks like is very useful, especially for remote teams. You can add a photo or avatar to help people get to know you.

To add a picture (if you’re using a company workspace, make sure to follow your company’s guidelines), click the arrow next to the workspace name to open the main menu, and then select the “Profile & Account” option.

Click the arrow to open the main menu, and then select the "Profile & Account" option.

You then see your profile on the right side of the workspace. To change information about yourself that other users can see, click “Edit Profile.”

Click "Edit Profile."

Click “Upload an Image.”

Click "Upload an Image."

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