What Your Dog Would Tell You If It Could

If you love dogs and can talk about them (and to them!) for hours on end, then you're in the right place! Unfortunately, dogs can’t talk back. Well, at least not in human language. But that’s okay! Here’s a handy little translation of what different dog breeds would say to you if they could! TIMESTAMPS: Husky 0:54
German Shepherd 1:15
Yorkie 1:36
Pug 1:56
Rottweiler 2:19
Bull terrier 2:38
Boxer 2:57
Jack Russell 3:17
Pekingese 2:35
Chihuahua 3:52
Pitbull 4:11
Pomeranian 4:31
Spaniel 4:50
Dachshund 5:07
St. Bernard 5:26
Welsh Corgi 5:49
Poodle 6:08
Bernese Mountain Dog 6:25
English Bulldog 6:45
Bichon Frise 7:07
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