What If You Stopped Going Outside for a Year?

What would happen if you stopped going outside? Human beings aren’t biologically designed to be cooped up. People need to see the sun, be with nature, and stretch their legs. So if you’re stuck at home for a year or you’re a homebody and wish you never had to leave, you can bet you would undergo a dramatic transformation! First of all, your mental health will take a toll. Someone who stays indoors for a year would lose interest in the things they once cared about and feel sluggish and depressed almost every day! TIMESTAMPS: You would suffer from a vitamin D deficiency 0:54
You’ll gain weight 2:53
Your mental health will take a toll 3:59
You’ll miss out on the perks from nature 5:43
Your sleep cycle might become irregular 6:42 #vitaminddeficiency #weightgain #goforawalk Music by Epidemic Sound https://www.epidemicsound.com/ SUMMARY:
– Anyone who stays indoors too much can experience a vitamin D deficiency, which puts them at risk for weak bones (which can lead to breaks), muscle pains, impaired ability to fight off infection, and even hair loss.
– Heading out to work might be a chore sometimes, but the bright side can be that you’re not at home stuffing yourself with all the readily available and tasty items in your fridge.
– Someone who stays indoors for a year could experience the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder all year. You can bet that they’d lose interest in the things they once cared about and feel sluggish and depressed almost every day.
– Besides SAD, you might also suffer from social anxiety. If you spend a year indoors by yourself, you might have a difficult time interacting with people or feeling like you’re part of a community afterward.
– Many studies show how connecting to nature can improve mental health. If you stay indoors for a year, you’d be missing out on all of nature’s benefits, including a stable mood, less anxiety, and better memory.
– If you were stuck inside, you might think that stuffing your home with all sorts of exotic plants will do the trick — but not so. If you’re still surrounded by an urban setting, you won’t get the benefits.
– If you’re stuck at home with no particular reason to get up at a regular time each day and you don’t follow any particular sleep routine, your body’s inner clock will be out of sorts — and so will you. – Pulling off being indoors without any negative health effects would involve a solid sleep routine, regular interaction with other human beings, an adequate at-home workout, and lots of foods with vitamin D. Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz —————————————————————————————-
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