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Spinitar is one of the few audiovisual companies dedicated to providing and maintaining top-class educational systems. To that end, we offer the very highest quality personalized learning experiences and resources commercially available.

The VariQuest Visual Learning Tools provide innovative instructional support, giving students with diverse learning capabilities the tools to succeed. The specialized instructional solutions combine visual and kinesthetic learning experiences, helping to facilitate information retention, student interest, and lateral thinking. VariQuest Tools allow for a superior interactive classroom experience for both students and educators.

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The VariQuest Visual Learning Tools suite includes:

  • Design Center 2300™The nucleus of the entire suite of VariQuest Visual Learning Tools. This is a touch screen command center that allows for the customization and utilization of over 2,000 curriculum modules and 5,000 graphics. Access and personalize lesson plan templates, posters, awards, and much more.
  • Perfecta Plus Design System™A poster design tool especially fabricated for the academic environment. Design specialized posters, graphs, and more in vibrant, full color.
  • Poster Maker 3600™Allows schools to create striking visual aids for everything from classroom activities to school banners.
  • Cutout Maker 1800™A scalable die cutter, which creates interactive visual learning cutouts.
  • Awards Maker 400™Creates customized recognition certificates, as well as parking permits, name tags, bumper stickers, and more.
  • Trifecta™ 800 3D PrinterEngage students with whole-brain experiences that combine left-brained analysis tasks with right-brained visual perception learning. Also this 3D printer amplifies the value of makerspaces by connecting curiosity with curriculum.
  • Media Maker Supply™Inks, banners, coated paper, and photographic paper for optimal printed resolution and durability.
  • Cold LaminatorsA scalable cold laminating system that accommodates banners up to 38″ wide, and 300 feet long.
  • Poster Printer PaperWhen using any Poster-Printer ™ or VariQuest Poster Maker™ Paper, items like color ribbons, inks, and toners are not needed. You only need a roll of poster paper and an original document.


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