Topic Teasers Vol. 87: Comparing Project Managers

Question: I think I’m doing okay as a project manager and my company is pretty successful using my projects and those of our other project managers. But although I can compare myself to my own colleagues, I’d love to know how I am doing—and how we are doing as an organization—against some wider statistics. Is that crazy to say?

A. It is helpful for us all to know how we are doing when rated next to a larger group of project managers. It’s also good to know if there are places where our organizations are missing out on key improvements that would increase return on investment. Measure yourself and your company and pass along any places where your statistical performance could be improved.

B. Comparing yourself to others is an odd desire. There is no way to see if you have the same training, certifications and experience, so any comparisons would be meaningless. Plus, should someone at your company see that there are other higher performers out there, your job might be at risk.

C. Organizations, especially management levels, want to believe that they are the best at everything they do. If you should find places where other businesses, especially competitors, are doing things better than within your workplace, it is important to keep that data to yourself. You don’t want to be blamed for the poor project performance shown in the statistics.

D. It’s not about how you do projects, or even the outcome, that matters. Each and every place of business is so unique that it is impossible to compare them to each other. However, study any statistics you can find through PMI and on the internet. Places that have higher ratings may be better places for you to look for a job.

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