Topic Teasers Vol. 6: Leading Without Authority

Question: I work for a non-profit organization and am leading a five-year project supported by a grant. Four years in, I’m still unable to get cooperation from the participants (paid). How do I get them committed so that we have something to show for the five years of work?

A. There is no way to achieve performance goals in only five years unless you have full authority over these people. Ask the funder for another three years of funding.

B. Find a few participants who you can pay extra to cooperate, and then use them as examples to shame the rest of the group into compliance.

C. Create a clear performance structure with an irresistible payoff at the end, but be prepared to abide by your own rules if you want to change the participant’s behavior.

D. Non-profit organizations are not planning to receive the expected outcomes promised, as they know from experience that only profit-driven projects can be successful.

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