Topic Teasers Vol. 56: Beyond Usual Team Tools

Question: I’ve been placed in charge of setting up five remote teams in other countries–four internal, company-owned ones and a fifth from a third-party consulting group. Once set up, we’ll work together on large projects. I’ve already researched, planned and acquired our space, hired personnel and purchased conferencing technology. My budget is pretty much maxed out, but are there any other tools I might have forgotten to acquire?

A. If you have a safe, comfortable office space and the technology to hold online conferences with these remote teams, you have all that you need for successful performance even in other countries.

B. While you have the major necessary items covered, there are several free tools that can make a big difference in project success when these teams begin to work together.

C. Whatever money is left in your budget should be invested in lessons for you to learn the native languages spoken in each of these four countries. Otherwise, you will not be able to lead.

D. Invest whatever budget dollars remain in a state-of-the art translation tool. That way each team can work and create documents in their own language and you can auto translate them yourself.

Pick your answer then Test Your Knowledge!

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