There Is a Perfect Time of Day to Shower

Is it better to shower in the morning or at night? Some of us shower first thing in the morning as a nice wake-me-up, while others can’t get to sleep without a relaxing evening shower. So, which team are you on, and is one more correct than the other? Well, doctors have an answer, and you’re about to find out all the details! TIMESTAMPS: When showers became widespread 0:39
When is the supposed “correct” time to shower? 1:05
How it is related to the circadian rhythm 1:29
What the duration of your shower should be 2:54
Why you get your greatest ideas in the shower 3:24
Why showering in the morning isn't a good idea 4:43
Other reasons why evening showers are best 5:22 #shower #showertime #circadianrhythm Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY:
– Showers as we know them today – that is, with modern plumbing, in a designated bathroom, and with heated water – didn’t become widespread until the 1930s.
– The official recommendation is about 90 minutes before bed. It turns out that this precise timing is linked to the first science-backed reason for why you should take your showers at night: sleep.
– Harvard University did some research that backs up the 90-minutes-before-bed claim, and it makes total sense. Aside from being relaxing, it has everything to do with this thing called the circadian rhythm.
– Thanks to the circadian rhythm pulling all the strings, your body naturally cools down as bedtime approaches. But if you take a shower before it’s time to hit the sack, you raise your body temperature.
– The duration of your shower is also key. You shouldn’t shower for more than 5 to 10 minutes.
– You ever notice how you get your greatest ideas while standing in the shower? It happens because showers promote relaxation.
– A good thorough washing of the face and body at night is essential for keeping acne at bay and even avoiding allergies. It’s pretty obvious what NOT taking a shower before bed means (ya know, sleeping in the day’s built-up grime and all.
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