Talent Management Playbook

A majority of high-performing organizations use talent management to help them identify, develop and leverage the core talent that is critical to the current and future performance of their companies. Mastering talent management helps companies differentiate themselves and provides them with a competitive edge. However, developing a cohesive talent management program, which successfully integrates its various components and aligns high-potential employees with company goals, is challenging for business leaders. The Talent Management Playbook is based on a survey commissioned by ASTD and i4cp that examined various aspects of talent management, including how organizations define talent management, the components they value, the people they choose, those they delegate to benefit from it and they ways in which they measure the success of its outcomes. Challenges that organizations commonly face with regards to talent management are addressed and potential actionable strategies are discussed; enabling organizations to take a holistic approach for the employees and company. Some of the challenges discussed include: There is no universal consensus on the definition of talent manage, and its meaning can vary even within organizations. Organization that integrate talent management are more effective and successful, yet few organizations report they have successfully done so. An organization may lack the measurement tools need to accurately track and assess talent management processes. This easy-to-use research guide also includes real-world examples of how companies have addressed some of these talent management issues. The Talent Management Playbook can be purchased from the ASTD Store.

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