Survey: Workers Spend 3 Hrs a Day Worrying about Job Security

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.–( BUSINESS WIRE)–Employees across the country consume nearly three hours a day worrying about their job security according to a new national survey by Lynn Taylor Consulting, a firm that helps companies transform managers into more productive, trustworthy leaders through lively, research-based seminars. Bosses may be unwittingly fueling this fear by one simple action, staying behind closed doors, as 76 percent of employees say that when faced with this scenario unexpectedly, it triggers thoughts of being laid off. “In today’s economic environment, employees are searching for every clue to determine their job fate. Too often, not enough direct input is given to employees, and so non-verbal cues are heavily relied upon,” said Lynn Taylor, a nationally renowned expert and author on workplace issues. “Managers working behind closed doors may be shutting out more than noise – they may be shutting down productivity,” she added. Commissioned by Lynn Taylor Consulting, the U.S. study was based on telephone interviews conducted with 1,000 respondents 18 years of age or older by a national independent research firm. The survey found that the average employee spends 2.8 hours (168.8 minutes) a day worrying about personal job concerns, such as company lay-offs and/or losing his or her job. ( Read entire release.)

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