STUDY: Leadership Development Programs Commonplace but Lack Meaningful Evaluation

Leadership development programs are commonplace in organizations but their effectiveness and value are generally not measured in meaningful ways according to the latest research from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and ICF International, a global professional services firm. The study, The Impact of Leadership Development Programs, derived from findings in previous research that found little credible information on how organizations measure the impact of their executive development programs. The intent of this new study was to determine what “best case” organizations do to evaluate leadership development programs (LDPs), including specific techniques used to link leadership development content to organizational metrics. The research revealed 29 evaluation techniques used by leading companies and then tested the transferability of these techniques to other organizations. Key findings of the research include: The Impact of Leadership Development Programs provides executives and workplace learning and development professionals with much needed insight into what techniques can work for their organizations and the value that can be derived from them. With such insight organizations can make informed decisions on how to tailor leadership development programs to address key organizational needs and desired outcomes and measure the impact of these programs on organizational success. A free executive summary of The Impact of Leadership Development Programs is available; the full report may be purchased from ASTD by visiting

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