Simword of the Day: Genre – Virtual Experience Space

Welcome to another month of Simwords of the Day! Today’s word is Virtual Experience Space. I have argued that there are four types of “common” simulations out there today, branching stories, interactive spreadsheets, game-based models, and virtual labs. One emerging type of simulation genre is Virtual Experience Space. Students in traditional role plays often explore some created experience space as input to their work. This space is defined though prop documents handed out over the course of the role play, and interactions with people, including the instructor, playing assigned roles. Now, using relatively commonplace web technology, instructors can create fictitious, scalable situations using large, hypertexted, multimedia repositories for students to explore. The media can include emails, video interviews with the CEO or other clips, and PowerPoint presentations, all accessed through a common portal (or portals if there are multiple teams). Furthermore, only certain links in the repository can be open at the start of the role play. Then new links could open up based on different types of triggers. By accessing this type of space, consultants can learn enough to create recommendations, projects, and plans, even hooking up ficticious characters, that can then be evaluated by real-humans for anything from evacuation plans to new web sites to IT infrastructure to strategic plans.

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