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Finding a Job in Sales – Best Skills

Whether you want to build a compelling resume or close on an interview, these job search tips and resources will give you a good start on your sales career.

Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing – Best Skills

Pharmaceutical and biotech marketers use a variety of strategies to reach consumer and professional audiences. Learn more about messaging, marketing channels, and sales strategies in the biotech and pharma industries.

Sales Tax Holidays in 2015 – Best Skills

Seventeen states are offering sales tax holidays this year. From October 2nd to 5th, no sales tax will be charged on purchases of EnergyStar and WaterSense products in the state of Georgia. List of sales tax holidays in each state for the year 2015.

Sales Training – Best Skills

In most every profession, employees go attend training classes. And many other careers require on-going training to learn new skills or to refine those already employed. In the sales career, there are so many available training programs that choosing one almost takes a training course itself.