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Change the Culture? Change Leadership Development

There is substantial agreement that the objectives for ideal leadership development include acquiring self-awareness and new skills, accelerating the implementation of these skills, and then following up with long-term sustainment of those behavior changes. During this session, the speaker will take a broad look at leadership development and identify specific content and methodologies that the best organizations use to develop highly effective leaders. He’ll then examine how these combine to…

ATD Human Capital Virtual Summit: Leadership for Today’s Workplace

Developing leaders in your organization starts with knowing your workforce. Implementing the wrong leadership strategy can mean losing time, resources, or even your employees. The Human Capital Virtual Summit: Leadership for Today’s Workforce is the second annual event hosted by ATD to take a deeper dive into leadership’s role in developing talent. This event is focused on the different strategies available to today’s leaders, and how each can best align with their unique workforce to drive…

3Q Effective Leadership Science-Based Methodology

High-performing teams provide companies with an undeniable competitive advantage. However, teams rarely perform at their full capacity because they are focused on tasks, and ignore the influence of the human operating system responsible for high performance. This webcast will explain your operating system and how to upgrade it for high performance. You will examine how 3Q intelligence is used in concrete situations at work and in daily life.

The Adobe Leadership Experience

Talent development at Adobe is a highly tailored effort that thrives on innovation as much as it encourages it in employees. Donna Morris, Adobe’s senior vice president of HR, explains what makes the difference.

Project Leadership and the Art of Managing Relationships

Successful project management in today’s business environment is increasingly complex. Effectively managing the intricate “people” side of a project means incorporating the skills and knowledge of top-notch leaders.

Practicing Mindful Leadership

Mindfulness is being taught and practiced in a growing number of organizations worldwide in the effort to improve personal and professional effectiveness and overall organizational productivity.

Making Leadership Personal

March: Campbell develops its top talent through a leadership program that harnesses learners’ unique experiences and values.

Leadership Role Models Earn Trust and Profits

It sounds like such a simple formula: Enlightened leadership begets engaged employees who produce greater earnings. Yet for too many companies, the idea remains an elusive and perplexing goal. And the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Leadership Ethics Training

We know from following the news that unethical leadership can ruin a company. Why, then, are experienced chief learning officers having difficulty implementing effective training in leadership ethics?

Leadership and the Small Group

One unique task of leadership is to initiate a future that is distinct from the past. For this to occur, we need to recognize the power of the small group and see that real change is more dependent on creating strong communities than on providing more clarity and better blueprints about that future.

Leadership and Defiance

From the forests of Bellarus to your company’s boardroom, the actions of one person can dictate ultimate success or failure. The 2008 film Defiance offers us seven practical lessons in leadership.

Its Time for a Leadership Revolution

With the Great Recession moving into the rear view, it’s time for organizations to re-evaluate and revolutionize the way their leaders are being developed.

Filling the Leadership Pipeline

To thrive in the new economy, companies must recognize that employee training and leadership development are ongoing processes that have a direct and meaningful influence on the bottom line.

Executive Presence Belongs in Every Leadership Program

High-potential initiatives and leadership programs are top priorities in the business world as companies focus on succession planning and the development of future leaders. As companies define skill gaps, executive presence becomes a hot topic and an urgent priority.

Changing Leadership

As the world gradually moves into economic recovery, it will behoove leaders to recall lessons from the past years’ turmoil, and to make personal, organizational, and team changes that drive future success.

A New Look at Leadership

CLOs, and pretty much everyone else in the workplace learning field, will find new insights, as well as tools to assist them, in this new comprehensive guide: The ASTD Leadership Handbook.

Measuring Internal Leadership Team Effectiveness

The Measuring Internal Leadership Team Effectiveness job aid from the “Developing High-Performance Leadership Teams” TD at Work gauges how effective one’s leadership team operates on outcomes such as charter and vision, goals, and teamwork.

Overview of Collaborative Leadership

Two minds are definitely better than one. Collaboration has quickly become an essential element for leaders when they need to discover and apply new ideas, improve operations, and stay competitive in the marketplace. Discover the benefits and challenges of collaborative leadership and learn how to create a collaborative environment. Collaborative leaders open the door to innovation and creativity, sharing the success of an organization with others. Understand the potential of collaborative leadership by exploring the what, who, why, and when. Who should attend: Learning professionals and leaders who wish to improve their leadership effectiveness will benefit from this course.

Leadership Competencies

Certain leadership competencies remain stable across industries, roles, and time. Great leaders need specific skills and attitudes in order to lead others and themselves. Explore the competencies exhibited by great leaders and learn how to strengthen them in yourself. Who should attend: Employees, managers, and senior leaders at all levels will benefit from this overview-level course, whether for the first time or as a review.

ATD Certificate in Strategic Leadership

This innovative leadership training program includes assessments, simulations, role play, and individualized feedback to help you create your personal leadership style, influence team members, and build relationships.

The Art and Skill of Collaborative Leadership

What traits do collaborative leaders exhibit, and what are the challenges they can expect to face? In this TD at Work, you will learn what collaborative leadership is, how to create a collaborative environment, when to use collaborative leadership, and the future of collaborative leadership.

Leadership Development

Whether you are looking to develop your own leadership skills or those of others, this issue guides you in fostering leadership behaviors and qualities, including: knowledge, strategic thinking, communication skills, self awareness, and developing others. It includes a self-assessment form, leadership assessment diagnostic tool, and guidance on how to communicate more effectively.

Measuring the Success of Leadership Development

In Measuring the Success of Leadership Development by Patti Phillips, Jack Phillips, and Rebecca Ray, you will learn how to evaluate leadership development programs all the way to impact and ROI.

Learning for Leadership

Learning for leadership helps YOU to develop effective leaders. Learning for Leadership builds on foundational learning and development concepts and practices to help trainers and facilitators develop programs that meet these challenges and turn learners into leaders.

Leadership Training

Whether you are developing a first-rate leadership development program from scratch or adding to an existing workshop, let leadership expert and master trainer Lou Russell be your guide.

Leadership Lessons

Great achievers do not owe their success to luck, birth, or environment. From Michelangelo to Einstein, Madame Curie to Bill Gates, Colonel Sanders to General Eisenhowerall have characteristics that Leadership Lessons has distilled into 10 key actions for extraordinary success. Leadership Lessons details the importance of preparing for success (acquiring expertise), to enduring against obstacles, to recognizing and exploiting opportunities.

Leadership Development Basics

Leadership Development BasicsAn examination of desirable traits and competencies of leaders for the creation of effective leadership development programs.

Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline

Feeding Your Leadership Pipeline provides a blueprint for leadership development that addresses the unique challenges of small to mid-sized companies.

Developing Effective Leadership Programs (In Action Case Study Series)

Todays work environment is more collaborative, more team based, and more cross-functional. Managers can no longer rely on the authority of their positions to command results; they must elicit willing cooperation and active participation from their staffs to achieve goals. People at every level are expected to know about and contribute to multiple aspects of their organizations activities. This book presents 12 case studies with various approaches to developing leadership potential, including training interventions, executive coaching, and individual and mentoring strategies that fit a wide range of settings.

ASTD Leadership Handbook

Leadership is the most important competency for both individual and organizational success and advancement. As Cynthia D. McCauley of the Center for Creative Leadership notes in her overview, leadership is also “a tool designed to help with a particular human dilemma: how to get individuals to work together effectively to produce collective outcomes.”

7 Paths to Managerial Leadership

In 7 Paths to Managerial Leadership Fred Mackenzie lays out the 7 most important practices managers to implement for improved performance and sound manager-employee relationships. It further clarifies the accountabilities of the manager and of their direct reports. A must read for all people managers to help them enhance their managerial approach and to further develop their roles as developers of talent.

Adams’ Equity Theory – Leadership skills training from MindTools.com

Adams’ Equity Theory, which stresses the importance of striking a balance between employee inputs and outputs. This theory of motivation states that positive outcomes and high levels of motivation can be expected only when employees perceive their treatment to be fair; hence the balance between the employee’s inputs and outputs.