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Financial Services Sales Professionals – Best Skills

From stock brokers to Financial Advisers, sales professionals help Americans invest and save their hard-earned income. No matter what their titles are, these sales professionals are a great example of risk and reward.

Careers in Sales – Best Skills

There are many career paths and jobs in the sales industry. These tips and resources will help you learn good closing skills and techniques, hacks and other practical strategies to advance your career.

Sales Management – Best Skills

Sales management requires a specific set of skills. Use these proven sales strategies and management techniques to get the most of your sales team.

Why Do Banks Demand Preapproval Letters? – Short Sales – Best Skills

When the seller is a bank, can the seller demand that the buyer get a preapproval letter from that bank? How REO lenders and short sale banks can make some borrowers get a preapproval letter from them as a condition to buy the home. About preapproval letters for bank-owned homes and short sales.

Finding a Job in Sales – Best Skills

Whether you want to build a compelling resume or close on an interview, these job search tips and resources will give you a good start on your sales career.