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Measuring the Effectiveness of Informal Learning Methodologies

The volume of knowledge that can be shared via informal learning methods is vast, but that doesnt mean evaluation is impossible. Imagine for a moment that you are a sailor on an 18th century Man-of-War, the most powerful sea-going vessel in the British Empires armada. The brisk ocean breeze is stretching canvas until its as hard as cl…

Looking Ahead at Social Learning: 10 Predictions

Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown – Bob Dylan Ten years ago, we had just come out of one of the most costly IT investments of all time – the Y2K scare. Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, was in high…

Leveraging Learning and Development During the Economic Downturn

As the financial crisis of 2008 becomes the recession of 2009, the healthcare industry not only struggles to manage the same unprecedented losses on investments as other organizations, it is also shouldering the financial burden of a rapidly growing population of uninsured and underinsured healthcare consumers….

Learning With and From Others: Restructuring Budgets for Social Learning

A confluence of issues, both mitigated and unmitigated, has arisen over the past several quarters. Budget cuts, staff reductions, travel embargos, and facility consolidation have left many chief learning officers and learning professionals clamoring for the emergency brake. Add to this the rising inferno (and demand) of…

Learning You Can Bank On

Singapore’s United Overseas Bank Limited focuses relentlessly on talent development in good times and bad. Perhaps that’s why the bank stands out from the pack in a competitive financial field.

Learning to Lead

When you read the first two feature articles in this issue of
TD, there is one common theme: Effective leaders need to learn to lead.

Learning to Lead Together

A healthcare services provider customizes its leadership training program to suit leader preferences and needs.

Learning to Innovate

A new ASTD-i4cp study explores learning’s role in creating a culture that supports innovation.

Learning’s Very BEST!

These training and development departments don’t rest on their laurels. They push the envelope on training, year after year, to find new ways to strengthen their organization’s learning culture.

Learning’s New Analytics

For more than a year, T+D has been publishing articles about the new workplace analytics, but none has examined in depth the ways to measure the different learning channels that are part of this new workplace. Not until now. The articles in this months issue delve into how to measure the effectiveness of informal learning methodologies, how…

Learning Now: Five Digital Strategies to Bring Learning Into 2011

Learning is back, and the volume of development is increasing. Yet, as those of us who have been in the field a while know, maintaining that volume and still meeting the quality demand of today’s learners is a big challenge. We are in the generation of learning now – learning available at your fingertips – no…

Learning Is a Journey

Throughout his career, Saud Al-Omair has focused on developing core business skills and gaining credibility through ongoing professional education.

Learning in the Modern Social Workplace

Jane Hart’s blog, Learning in the Modern Social Workplace, covers social learning topics, with many reviews of tools and other resources for L&D professionals.

Learning Gets Personal

Skillsoft and IBM research into personalized learning holds major implications for the field.

Learning by Example

Facing high-risk and turbulent external environments, leaders at all levels make decisions paramount to long-term organizational success, particularly in the U.S. Army. Recently, frequent deployments and decreased opportunities for institutional learning have placed a premium on the effectiveness of multi-sou…

Learning Eye to Eye: Aligning Training To Business Objectives

Workplace learning and performance professionals know that training is more than just a nice gesture. It’s a critical part of business. Organizations support training departments so that the departments can do their part to help the organization reach its business goals and objectives. Like any other aspect of bu…

Learning Beyond the Comfort Zone

Stretch and job rotation assignments allow employees to develop and build their skills and organizations to retain and engage good talent at minimal cost.

Learning Advisory Groups

Forming an internal learning advisory group ensures that all stakeholders are invested in and provide strategic guidance for learning initiatives.

Learning About M-Learning

A review of Designing mLearning: Tapping Into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance by Clark N. Quinn

Learning 2.0 and Workplace Communities

To one expert, the future of learning is a kind of workplace community. For another, it’s a new application of social media to an existing business process. Others call it simply “learning 2.0” or “social learning.” Despite this apparent name game, nearly every learning industry analyst and thought leader agr…

Leading Through Learning

Today, there are far too many stories about leaders whose greed and quest for power are so strong that they succumb to unethical ploys to achieve results. Ramalinga Raju, founder and chairman of Satyam Computer Services, was one of those leaders. In January 2009, Raju penned his resignation letter to the board of…

Launching a Culture-Based Learning Product

Scenario: Edgar, an instructional designer, has been designing training materials in house for years. Finally, Edgar has been given an opportunity to launch the company’s first international learning product, which will be used by employees from around the world. Edgar eagerly takes the assignment with high hopes of making…

Keep Learning Relevant

With a 10 percent reduction in his company’s workforce in late 2008, Stanley Works Chairman and CEO John Lundgren turned his concentration to keeping his employees “motivated, energized, engaged, and focused on company goals.” The tool maker posted a better-than-expected 2009 first-quarter profit – proving that success…

How to Choose the Right Games for Learning

Using games and gaming in learning is still a relatively new concept. Stephanie Daul outlines a variety of knowledge types, traditional delivery formats, and how gaming might be incorporated to teach a concept.

How Learning Professionals Can Keep Technology Distractions at Bay

The opportunity to tackle a new, complex, and costly learning project is exciting, but it also means that the pressure is on. You try to get down to business, but find your senses assaulted by a horde of visual and aural distractions – ringing landlines, blaring cell phones, buzzing printers and faxes, and droning conversa…

Harnessing Blogs for Learning

In the field of training and development, Web 2.0 technologies have been on the front page of the training news for several years. However, blogs have received little attention in relation to e-learning, mobile, and video. If your organization is considering a blogging channel to increase learning efforts, to share inf…

Give Learning a Listen: Audio Podcasting and Learning

Your boss wants you to develop a learning solution to help supervisors deal with workplace conflict. But there’s very little budget, and supervisors are based all around the world. The cost of flying them all in to your corporate headquarters for workshops is prohibitive. So what do you do? A series of podcasts may solve y…

Getting to the Heart of Learning

The American Heart Associations partnership with SkillSoft to create American Heart University brings learning to every AHA employee. The company: American Heart Association The supplier: SkillSoft The American Heart Association (AHA), the nations oldest and largest voluntary health organization, works to prevent heart disease…

Getting Started With Mobile Learning

In the field of training and development, we have all heard that mobile learning is the next big thing. It certainly has garnered a lot of press and is a hot topic at many training conferences. But where do you start if you want to try it out or develop some pilot content to see if mobile learning is going to be accepted i…

From Learning Department to Learning Partner

Some people say that history is doomed to repeat itself; others, that we can learn from our mistakes. In the case of Yapi ve Kredi Bank, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, both sayings are true. And these lessons have helped the bank to thrive during a period of vast change, which included integration, growth, and a global…

Four Ways to Facilitate Informal Learning

When it comes to informal learning, a primary role for the learning professional is learning promoter and facilitator. That role entails massively promoting all of the informal learning tools available, as well as their advantages.

Formalizing Informal Learning

Data from a 2008 Bersin & Associates study of more than 800 HR and learning professionals supports the need for informal learning strategies in today’s challenging business climate. The study reports that 80 percent of all corporate learning takes place through on-the-job interactions with peers, experts, and managers….

Flexible Learning

One health insurance company develops executive training ideal for its busy leaders.