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eLearning Instructional Design is Not Dead

Instructional design and eLearning are here to stay, with many online learning opportunities available to any individual with a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

10 Must-Attend eLearning Conferences in the US in 2016

Missed any professional events in 2015? Want to keep up with all the T&D technologies? Use our list of the best eLearning conferences in 2016 and stay up-to-date in making employees productive profit-drivers.

Creating a HTML5 Pop Over in Bootstrap 3 | Learning Dojo

If you want a user to click a button, link or image have some additional description or custom HTML display then Bootstrap 3 makes it pretty easy to build. Watch this video to get see how it is done. You can also take a look through my example code and modify it to your heart’s…

Why are Learning Journals Important?

Learning journals in online courses offer learners with space to make notes, reflect on things learnt, etc making learning truly learner centric

eLearning Design: Assess? When? How?

Michael Allen discusses assessment and how elearning technology has the capabilities to adapt to learner needs with continual course correction.

When e-Learning Doesn’t Work | eLearning Mind

eLearning can be great for corporate training – however, there are times when it is not ideal. eLearning Mind explains when e-Learning might not be effective.

4 L&D Wishes for 2015 – A Learning Blog

What are your L&D wishes for 2015? Here are four predictions (it’s really a wish list) for corporate L&D organizations seeking maturity indicators.

eLearning Content Development: 10 Commandments | Cursim

eLearning content development can be a daunting prospect, particularly when you’re new to it. Even now, after years in the industry, I still need to sit down and think hard about every new project brief.

Why the time is right for self-managed learning

In 1990 Peter Senge published “The Fifth Discipline” , giving a compelling vision of how companies could transform into learning organisations. The ideas chime with many L&D professionals, but adoption by business has been patchy. As both Towards Maturity and […]

Elearning for Senior Care and Home Care Agencies

Senior care and personal support care is a field with numerous opportunities and applications for elearning. Whether you work in a hospital, clinic, care home, or other organization, custom elearning solutions can supplement your current training regime and provide new learning opportunities for your staff. 

Prototyping Your eLearning Ideas

Read our stories about what is interesting in eLearning, LMS, instructional design and today’s tech world in general

The science behind L&D – A Learning Blog

The secret to great metrics, efficient learning and a great ROI story has to do with science. Although perhaps not the one you have heard about lately.

8 mistakes you may be making with your eLearning design | Cursim

Design is incredibly important in eLearning. Poor design can have a dramatic impact on learning outcomes. Inconsistency, poor size and spacing, irrelevant images and illegible fonts are some of the mistakes we see time and time again. Here are the eight common mistakes that you should avoid.


I’ve previously written about the potential fail points of creating 70:20:10 solutions and, in that context, a design thinking process can be crucial in establishing what not to build, instead revealing simple and realistic elements that can be embedded in the workflow of our audience.