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Trust: The Critical Factor in Leadership

The newspapers are riddled with stories of deceit and deception from leaders in both the commercial and government sectors. Leaders everywhere face the challenge of disenfranchised and disengaged employees, who, in many instances, attribute these …

The People Side of Leadership: An Overlooked Opportunity

If you have ever had a colleague, boss, teacher, coach, mentor, or relative who made a genuine commitment to you, to help you do things you might not have believed you were capable of, then you know the power of commitment to another person. Indi…

Statesmanship Takes Leadership and Governance to the Next Level

One can assume that readers of this publication are probably not only interested in leadership development, but are, quite likely, students of leadership theory and practice as well. Most of us have become familiar with the customary, sometimes tedious, repackaging of the same list of good leadership characteristics. But when was the last time your personal standard of leadership was really challenged?

Managing in a Fishbowl: Closing Federal Leadership Gaps

A new CCL study offers insight into the leadership development needs of government leaders and offers some on-the job solutions to help enhance the skills of current leaders and create leaders for tomorrow. Do you put your staff at ease or do you push them a bit, leading them to greatness? According to a new survey from the Center for…

Leadership Beyond the Battlefield

The U.S. Army established a leadership studies department at West Point in the late 1970s that has become a standard for successful leadership development programs. The first chair of the departmentthe Department of Behavioral Science and LeadershipGeneral Howard Prince, was the founding dean of the…

Invoking the Ancients to Rescue Leadership Development

In The Ten Golden Rules of Leadership: Classical Wisdom for Modern Leaders, two accomplished professors from Long Island University, M.A. Soupios and Panos Mourdoukoutas, challenge prevailing leadership development models.

Executive Coaching: Leadership Development in the Federal Government

The federal government is suffering from a serious leadership deficit, and that deficit has only grown in recent years given the challenges facing the United States. Thats the major headline to emerge from a recent report published by the Partnership for Public Service (PPS) in conjunction with cons…

Enhancing Telework – A Guide to Virtual Leadership

Telecommuting is an important component to business success and survival. More than one-third of Americans would prefer the opportunity to do it over a pay raise. It is so important that President Obama signed the 2010 Telework Enhancement Act, which requires agencies to create a teleworking strategy. However, despite the realized importance and value of teleworking, only 5.2 percent of the more than 60 percent of federal employees eligible for virtual work arrangements actually telework on a regular basis. While federal agencies are slower to embrace telecommuting than are private companies, telecommuting is here to stay and will rise in popularity as agencies recognize its full potential. Federal leaders must be prepared to employ innovative approaches to managing and motivating more diverse and disparate employees. Fundamentally, they must ensure they have the skills to lead via virtual communication on tight budgets.

Community Leadership Programs Advance Public Leadership

As processes and hierarchies continue to flatten and public sector budgets persist in red ink, the search for relevant, cost-effective training grows ever more important. Public agencies at all levels of government are subject to escalating pressure from nongovernmental sectors both domestically and…

Abraham Lincoln and the Art of Collaborative Leadership

When Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863, he changed the course of the Civil War and transformed the lives of millions of enslaved blacks. Looking back through the lens of the 21st century, we can easily appreciate the profound consequences of this one act. But history is lived forward, not backward, and in early 1862, many of Lincoln’s most ardent supporters worried that he might never make this fundamental break with the past. Why did Lincoln hesitate, and…

Women, Seize Your Leadership Role

There are now more women in management positions, but there are still very few women executives. Lynda McDermott explains three leadership skills women must acquire to climb the career ladder.

Women, Water, and Leadership: Are We Making Progress?

Are women making progress in leadership roles? It’s a reasonable question. There are currently 15 Fortune 500 companies run by women – the same number as last year, though some of the names have changed. Katharine Graham of The Washington Post was the first female executive to run a Fortune 500 company when the media firm…

Women in Leadership

The cover story this month is on a very hot topic and one that has been around for quite a while: lack of women in the C-suite.

The Seven Decades of Leadership Development

The workplace has changed tremendously during the past 70 years, but the need to develop strong, capable leaders to succeed in this fast-paced work environment has remained constant.

The Eight-Minute Leadership Test

Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, founders of the Zenger Folkman leadership development consultancy, have developed a free self-assessment that enables people to determine what leadership skills they have, and how they compare with others.

Successful Leadership Transition

Transition of top-level leadership can present numerous challenges to organizations. In the first decade of the 21st century, the challenges are more acute than at any time in the recent past. The retirement of the baby boom generation, increased demand for accountability and performance of organizations, and the speed and…

Leadership Training Gets Flipped

A group of developing leaders gains new skills while helping children in need. The following story was shared by Kim Arnold, senior director of leadership and organizational development at McAfee. Client>> McAfee, a computer security company headquartered in Santa Clara, California Pr…

Leadership is a Profession

More than one news report commended President Obama for admitting he made a mistake in his choices for performance czar and secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services. So why would so many make such a big deal about three little words? Because as one newspaper put it, “true leaders admit their m…

Leadership in 2030

Emerging megatrends will establish new standards for global leadership success.

Leadership Investment Pays Off

Instead of giving up on its struggling president, one organization chooses to invest in her development, and collects a worthwhile return.

Leadership Ethics Training: Why Is It So Hard to Get It Right?

The national news has featured stories about corporate greed and irresponsibility, and a large percentage of performance improvement professionals are being asked to implement companywide leadership ethics training. The time is right to make ethical leadership a central theme during leadership conversations and in leadersh…

Leadership: From Above and Below

Did you watch the polls during the primaries and leading up to the U.S. presidential election? Are you all polled out? I know I was, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read a book by a couple of guys from Gallup based on polling research on leadership. On the other hand, it wasn’t politics, and the topic was leadership, so I…

Leadership Development: One Size Does Not Fit All

So what’s wrong? Millions of dollars are being spent annually on leadership development programs, but corporate America is in crisis, confidence in leaders is plummeting, and a recent DDI survey finds that more than one-third of all new leaders fail. What’s wrong with leadership development? “Th…

Leadership Development on the Go

James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner have created a mobile app called the Leadership Challenge Mobile Leader Tool, available for your Apple device.

John Maxwell on Leadership

On his blog, John Maxwell on Leadership, he shares his thoughts on leadership and lessons from his vast arsenal of leadership education materials, and provides his reading list and book-writing process.