Innovation Design In Education – ASIDE: Social Studies, Advertising, And Persuasion: Student Travel Magazines Sell Tourism

Innovative design crosses over all aspects of education. The American Society for Innovation Design in Education, or ASIDE, seeks to infuse curriculum with new approaches to teaching and thinking. Integrating the design of information into the daily conversation is an essential part of the teacher’s toolkit and the purpose of the ASIDE blog. The underpinning of innovation and educational design is based on looking at the information available and communicating meaning for a world of learners. Thinking like a designer can transform the way children learn. ASIDE’s goal is to bring together as much information, resources and supportive scholarship in one place for teaching and learning.

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Extra! Extra!

Print may be a thing of the past, but newsletters sure aren’t. Companies are increasingly finding that e-newsletters provide a cost-effective way to gain publicity, positive word of mouth and hopefully more advertising dollars. But it’s not easy. Here then are some newsletter nuance nuggets to chew on before sending out your next transmission.

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Topic Teasers Vol. 14: Disruptive Innovation

Question: I work for a successful, established organization. However, management wants my team to suggest innovative new products and services. We already have our current excellent products, so feature-laden that they are very expensive. How is a project team expected to know how to find the next new breakthrough revenue producer?

A. Suggest to your manager that this is the work of the marketing department and the management team. The people on your team only have the skills to develop items envisioned by someone else.

B. The keywords in your question show that your organization is looking for more revenue. Brainstorm with your team to see if you can squeeze additional costs out of your existing products.

C. Look to your competitors. What innovative ideas are they introducing? If your team can plan production of similar products, you can piggyback on their advertising and not need to spend money on research and development.

D. Look beyond adding more features to designing a less expensive item with fewer features that will appeal to a different consumer marketplace. The profit per item will be lower, but the market share will be larger.

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Let’s Interactive

In the world of online advertising campaigns, rapidly developing technologies have created new challenges for project managers and teams, particularly in the area of communicating with clients whose expectations may be skewed or inadequately articulated. Getting on the same page with capable technical developers is the key to improving client communication throughout the life of these interactive projects.

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Training For PM Certification: The Good, The Bad & The Highly Questionable

Never before have so many PMP exam preparation courses, guides, tools, techniques and tactics been available. Exam preparation has become an entire sub-genre of training, and a profitable one at that. The flurry of advertising clearly demonstrates that there is a demand for help in preparing for the certification exam, but how much of it actually works? Does the hype meet the expectations? What does it really take to pass the exam successfully?

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Infographic: Your Digital Marketing Road-Map

What do your website, your social media accounts and your banner ads all have in common? They are all integral parts of your digital marketing. It’s easy to focus only on each individual part without looking at the bigger picture. To help you avoid getting lost on your way to digital marketing success, Komplete has created this digital marketing road-map to keep you heading in the right direction. The importance of your website can’t be overstated. It’s your home base on the web and sets the tone for the rest of your digital assets. A great website will be user friendly, including mobile users. That means having a responsive ormobile website. It’ doesn’t stop there though, your site should also utilize landing pages to increase conversions on your products and services. These landing pages will funnel visitors in from your other digital marketing tools like social media accounts and email lists. Analytics is also an important element of a website. They will serve as a guide to help you improve your site and let you know what is working and what isn’t. While it’s important to have a mobile friendly website, it’s also important to reach out to your customers where they spend the most of their time: their mobile devices. You can do this throughappsor throughsms/text message marketing. Both allow you to reach your customers (not to mention let your customers reach you) anytime anywhere. Text message marketing also has the advantage of an extremely high open rate, 98%! That’s higher than email! Of course there are more marketing options out there, both outbound and inbound. Outbound marketing through banner ads on both desktop and mobile sites are a great way to reach more customers especially combined with your other marketing efforts. Inbound marketing techniques, including SEO, content marketing and referral marketing will bring the customers directly to you. Last but not least, is social media marketing. No matter your social network they all have the ability to benefit your bottom line. Combining social media with your content marketing and native advertising and you can draw in even more customers. Don’t get lost on the road of digital marketing. There are many stops along the way, but they all will lead you to your final destination: a successful marketing plan that drives new business your way. Infographic: Your Digital Marketing Road-Map

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Facts about Instagram #infographic

Social media has come out as a strong tool for organisations to connect with their audience. A variety of services are being used to increase brand value. Well-known brands have already made a great neighborhood on the social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Facebook has already turned into a social media king and every tiny and gigantic brand name is using this platform to make a firm customer base. An image is worth a million expressions and this is totally accurate for image sharing sites like Instagram. The pictures of the new goods are shared on Instagram and this actually assists in advertising the same. In short we can state that in this era of online marketing it is very vital to make social media division of your overall strategy.

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