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High Paying Sales Jobs – Best Skills

Whether you are a cashier or a sales engineer, everyone aspires to make more money. Use these resources to find out which are the highest paying sales jobs in the industry.

Marketing & Sales Promotion – Best Skills

If you want to sell your products, first you have to sell yourself. We’ve got resources to help you develop marketing plans for your retail store, including sales promotion ideas like loss leaders, media buys and sales events. Plus, learn how to use branding and advertising to benefit your retail store.

Holiday Sales & Deals Strategies – Best Skills

The biggest and best U.S. retail industry marketing and sales campaigns are centered around the major U.S. holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween (not to mention “retail holidays” like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Back to School). Find information about all the holiday-related marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns of the biggest U.S. retail companies.

Developing Sales and Distribution – Best Skills

There are numerous ways to find overseas customers and foreign suppliers for your import/export business, including targeted social media campaigns, networking, trade shows, and trade missions. Learn more about using various avenues to grow your business.

Five Ways to Increase Your Sales – Best Skills

How can you increase your sales? Do you see your sales revenue flat or even dropping? Do you need to do something to facilitate a sales increase? If so, follow these tips and you will see an increase in your sales revenue!

Sales and Marketing – Best Skills

Whether you’re starting a marketing firm or just want to market your small business, you need to know the ins and outs of sales and marketing. Learn the marketing expertise that entrepreneurs need to succeed.

Sales Industry Trends – Best Skills

From technology developments to governmental regulations and compliance standards, the sales industry moves fast. Use these resources to stay one step ahead of your competition.

eBay FAQ – Tracking Sales Statistics – Best Skills

The more serious you are about buying or selling on eBay, the more likely it is that serious market research data will become important to you. Once you decide that you want to know what the most listed items are, or what the average selling price of a certain kind of item is, there is nothing left but to choose a product and access the data. Here's a starting list of datasets.

Sales Forecasting – Best Skills

Learn what sales forecasting is and why it is important for businesses, including a sales forecast template you can use to estimate future revenues.