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Some Perspectives on Differing Reward Systems for Entrepreneurs/Owners and Employees

This article examines the issue of differing reward systems for entrepreneurs/owners and managers when compared to the reward systems for employees from multiple perspectives. The key argument being made in this article is that excessive compensation skews the reward systems and creates perverse incentives for the top management to take unwarranted risk that would ultimately destroy the system.

AIMSweb – Comprehensive assessment system used for universal screening & progress monitoring

AIMSweb – dentify at-risk students early, monitor and report student progress Aimsweb is the leading assessment and RTI solution in school today—a complete web-based solution for universal screening, progress monitoring, and data management for Grades K-12. aimsweb provides guidance to administrators and teachers based on accurate, continuous, and direct student assessment. It helps school administrators demonstrate tangible improvements. It helps teachers become more effective and more efficient in the classroom. Most important of all, aimsweb helps to create better outcomes for students—proven by the thousand of schools that use the system across the United States and Canada today. Aimsweb is...

AspirEDU – Uses LMS system data to track performance of individual instructors

AspirEDU’s Mission AspirEDU helps schools help more students graduate. They analyze the data that schools already have. This allows their solutions to identify students that are most at risk of dropping out of or failing courses, and to identify the best practices that instructors use to maximize the performance of their students. Retaining more students is good for schools and even better for the students themselves. Dropout Detective™ & Instructor Insight™ Your learning management system already contains a great deal of data that you could use to improve your school’s retention and graduation rates. AspirEDU’s solutions retrieve data on a...

Transforia – Helps students access technology and software

Transforia helps your business. Transforia delivers the most efficent computer for business. IMPROVE YOUR DATA SECURITY STRATEGY They use end-point security, data protection, encryption software and ITIL best practices to secure your data. Their PCs minimize exposure to malware and viruses commonly used to attack proprietary software. REDUCE IT SUPPORT, MANAGEMENT AND LABOR COSTS Buying, imaging, securing, managing and supporting PCs is complicated and often leaves IT burdened with keeping employees productive. Transforia solves this problem for you by bringing data-center automation and DevOps strategies to PCs with minimal IT setup required. ACK UP YOUR DATA TO THE CLOUD Backing up...