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Two Planning Tools Revisited

I’m not really using the Hipster PDA officially. I’ve got 15 or so 3×5 cards in a binder clip. I use the lined side for thoughts that pop up, and I use the

Howto: Planning in 6 Simple Steps

We have updates at Lifehack.org Howto! Now the planning page has two sections – Why is planning critical? and also 6 Steps to implement your planning. As t

Personal Planning

Many people don’t like the idea of planning their future. They don’t feel they have the time. Some feel that change comes at such a rapid pace that the pla

Answer a Forum Question: Planning

(Leon’s going to poke me for this). I haven’t gone to the forums much yet. I’ve focused on putting up front-page material, and hadn’t really taken the time

FAQ on Strategic Planning

Alliance for Nonprofit Management has a quick frequently asked questions on strategic planning. So what is strategic planning? Strategic planning is a mana

Is Career Planning Really Necessary?

This is a tricky area when we talk about how much you should be planning in your career, especially in regards to students. Is it worthwhile putting in a w

My Life Planning Model

(photo by Drunken Monkey Photography). I thought I’d explain a little more in detail about how I plan my life, and what tools I use to achieve my goals. I

7 Google Calendar Planning Tips

Google Calendar is my choice for organizing my schedule. I don’t like Microsoft Outlook, but only because I loathe client-side applications for non-creativ

Tax Planning – Best Skills

Taxes are a necessary part of life, but they don’t have to be a burden. Get tips and information to help you reduce the amount of taxes you pay, and optimize the deductions and credits available to you.

Tax Planning for Clergy – Best Skills

Ministers and clergy can avail themselves of several tax planning options: setting up a reimbursement plan, splitting their income between salary and housing allowance, and deciding whether to opt-out of the self-employment tax.

The Essential Estate Planning Documents – Best Skills

Every good estate plan is built upon a foundation of essential estate planning documents. Learn about these essential documents, including advance medical directives and living wills, powers of attorney, revocable living trusts, and last will and testaments.

Event Planning Resources and Advice – Best Skills

Are you always planning parties and events for your friends? Maybe a career in event planning is right for you! Learn how to get a job in event planning or start your own business, and get tips and best practices for planning everything from Bar Mitzvahs to weddings.

Wills and Estate Planning Resources and Advice – Best Skills

Will your loved ones be taken care of after you’re gone? If you don’t properly plan your estate, it’s no sure thing. Learn how to draft a will, avoid probate, appoint an executor, establish a trust, plan for tax considerations, and other important estate-planning tasks.

Retirement Planning Resources and Insights – Best Skills

You only get one shot at retirement, so you’d better get it right. Learn everything you need to know about retirement planning, including the pros and cons of different retirement accounts, tax considerations, social security, savings strategies, and more.