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General Failure, Major Disaster, Private Sorrow

Remember those $800 toilet seats and $1,400 screwdrivers that made American taxpayers hate the Pentagon? Here’s another horror story to make you clutch your wallet tightly. Several years ago, the U.S. government spent millions on a telecommunications software system to manage its worldwide secure communications for all branches of its military. While the big brass was committed to implementing the software, military and civilian bureaucrats stonewalled the project to death. Read about one project managerand disgusted taxpayercaught in the implementation stalemate.

Robotic Process Automation: The Future of CRM (Part 1)

With the growing use of robotic process automation in CRM, project managers should consider the needs of these projects as they plan their professional development. To be successful at the growing number of RPA projects, there is special preparation related to delivery strategy, communications and more.

Responding as a Leader to Current Work Culture

Work culture surrounds your project workforce and must be considered when improving your ability as a leader. The tactics shown here allow you to characterize the culture you work in, then adapt your communications and interventions to get the productivity you need to succeed.

Technology Impact on Communication Management: Q&A

In the webinar Technology Impact on Communication Management with Beth Spriggs, she talked about technology’s impact on communication management. She explored with attendees how communication behaviors and preferences have changed, and examined how these changes create both opportunity and risk in our projects. She also discussed ways this impacts our current project communication plans, explored ways to adjust our communications to be more effective and shared some practical communication tips. Here, she answers attendee questions.

Bell Hell

Alexander Graham Bell could never have imagined his machine would evolve into a multibillion dollar telecommunications industry dependent upon high-speed networks. Nor could he have imagined that as the industry became more complex, telephone users’ lives would turn into nightmares. Are there solutions? This article offers a few to ponder.

Are Project Management Skills Transferable?

The author recently had an opportunity to switch into a technical project manager role after being a business project manager for over 12 years. She traces her 18-month journey to learn what skills are easily portable and which ones needed refining or, worst case, acquiring. She focused on two main areas: communications and teamwork.

The Cost of Quality Stakeholder Communication

Many people are surprised to learn the full extent of the costs of poor quality in all aspects of business. This article explores how the cost of quality in management work affects the relationships with key stakeholders, managers and customers. In doing so, it overviews how fit-for-purpose project communications provide each stakeholder with the information he or she needs. It lists four consequences of failing to provide quality information. It then identifies two sources of cost associated with quality in communication and stakeholder management: losses experienced because of poor quality or failure costs and investments made to improve quality or prevention costs.

Horizontal and Vertical Communication in Project Management

In a project, there are two types of communications that take place between the project manager and stakeholders: horizontal and vertical. Knowing the dynamics and characteristics of these can be an important asset of a project manager for achieving project success.

Instant Messaging as a PM Tool

Instant messaging is a popular tool because it facilitates quick, easy communications, and it’s not going away any time soon. It’s a powerful tool–but only if you use it correctly.

Instant Messaging as a PM Tool

Instant messaging is a popular tool because it facilitates quick, easy communications, and it’s not going away any time soon. It’s a powerful tool–but only if you use it correctly.

Stakeholder Relationship Management: Make it Personal

The fostering of any successful relationship requires us to see the world, issues, concerns and needs through the lens of the other person. Additionally, you need to factor the person’s influence, position and attitude toward you into your assessment of how to cultivate and manage the relationship. This holds true for SRM as well–and purposely taking these elements of the relationship into account when designing your communications plan will only add to your success.

Less Words, More Pictures

In a world where key messages are lost in a sea of words, incorporating visual content into project communications can be like sending out a distress flare. This article talks about four ways of using visual content that will grab attention, connect with stakeholders, optimize team creativity and increase corporate awareness of your project.

Rules of Considerate Conduct and the Aspirational Standards of the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The aspirational standards of the “PMI Code of Ethics” provide practitioners with the “what” of professional and socially responsible conduct. Applying Forni’s Choosing Civility: The Twenty-Five Rules of Considerate Conduct can enhance the “PMI Code of Ethics” with specific actions and behavior and support more effective management of project management processes, especially communications. The discussions that may result can further benefit project managers and their teams.

The Numbers Game

Communications 2.0 is all well and good…but when do we get to 1.0? If we’re going to criticize communication that is taking place today, it would be helpful to define what we mean, what the challenges are and what should (or at least could) be done to improve our essential communications.

Team Management: An Accountable Working Model for Matrix Teams

Many complex information technology (IT) projects are executed in a matrix environment. The major challenge with this type of team structure is having an amicable and effective relationship with clear lines of responsibilities, open communications, and accountabilities. This article proposes a working model that can help the program manager achieve the desired objectives from all of the teams.

Four Dimensions of Global Projects

Time, space, language and culture…global project management can be a communications nightmare for a variety of reasons. As we look at the challenges faced by a developer of software intensive systems as it questioned going global, some valuable lessons are unearthed.

Four Dimensions of Global Projects

Time, space, language and culture…global project management can be a communications nightmare for a variety of reasons. As we look at the challenges faced by a developer of software intensive systems as it questioned going global, some valuable lessons are unearthed.

Can’t We All Get Along?

The more you understand about your personality preferences and temperaments, the brighter the lightbulb in your head will be. Get some help in your quest to enhance communications and improve team performance.

The Bleeding Edge: Extend Your Range and Options with Consumer Devices

We are coming into an age where there will be computers, two-way communications and cameras in all of our consumer devices–TV sets, digital cameras, refrigerators, GPSs, and pens, to name a few. This trend is being driven on the demand side by desire for more functionality and convenience, and from the cost side by reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. How can project managers take advantage of this future?

Exchange Rate Fluidity in Global Multi-Site Projects

Companies that used to operate in only one country now operate around the world. The single-region world we used to know has become more global and will continue to become so as communications and technology bridge the gap to allow customers and companies to work together in a more efficient and profitable manner. This has added financial challenges to our projects. This article looks specifically at how we can deal with the ever-changing exchange rates to ensure that our project business cases and costs are captured correctly.

Don’t Tell Them it’s About Quality!

Quality management concepts may not be welcome in a resource and cost-constrained environment. What you need is a secret plan to motivate workers to deliver better quality despite their rejection of common quality communications and programs.

Tool Shop: Do.com

A free social task management tool from Salesfore.com, Do.com can help project teams centralize activities and communications, improving collaboration. Here is a review of the cloud-based solution’s strengths and weaknesses, along with a primer on getting started.

In Wireless Anticipation

There is a revolution occurring that is akin to the one that arrived with the growth in the Internet. Wirelessness is in our various communications…and there is a social push to change a commercial operation into a realm of almost democratic access, a system where everyone can freely join in.

Digital Media Projects Underway at USC

The Annenberg Innovation Lab at the University of Southern California is developing projects that address technological change in social media and communications. Three major projects in web research, digital entertainment and geolocation are underway.

Controlling Communication Channels: Proper use of Communication Mediums is Key to Project Success

Effectively communicating project status, understanding stakeholder views and keeping the team focused on the goal are just a few of the topics project managers must communicate well. This paper discusses a new view of communication channel complexity by addressing communication mediums. Message content is aligned with the medium used to ensure efficient and effective communications. Project managers who identify and influence appropriate use of communication mediums can greatly enhance communications.

Better Communication Environments

There will always be challenges around communications, be it giving or receiving information. But often it is the project environment we operate in that is the toughest challenge of all. Here are ideas for overcoming organizational barriers to effective communication. Consistency and context are keys.

Book Review: Leading Virtual Project Teams

You can see the handwriting on the wall: Virtual project management will be in your future, if not already a reality, and you are looking for some guidance so that you can front-load yourself and your team for success. Leading Virtual Project Teams: Adapting Leadership Theories and Communications Techniques to 21st Century Organizations can help.

Blogs and Wikis (and Bears…Oh My!)

To help reduce wasted time, improve communications and give assignments a greater degree of personal accountability, you should consider adding a blog or wiki to your project management bag of tricks.

Measuring Collaboration

Communications that represent the output of collaborative activities have much more meaning and a much higher degree of influence and effectiveness than communications that do not. A fun and interesting activity would be to measure your project’s level of collaboration by developing a metric.

Project Vines vs. Mills

Informal, undocumented communications play a major role in project work, for better and worse. Project managers must recognize two very different informal channels: the grapevine and the rumor mill. One can be a constructive asset; the other terribly destructive.

The Old College Try

When Oscar Bartlett, project manager and graduate of Big Midwestern State University (BMSU), got a chance to implement a telecommunications management system at his alma mater, he got more than a passing grade. Here’s a textbook case of successful project management.

Agile Project Management: Keeping it Simple

Agile project management, and particularly Scrum, can become overwhelmingly consumed by methodology, jargon and rules. This is just the opposite of what was originally intended for agile-lead projects, and it is the communications part of our role that is so important.

Agoraphobia: The Fear and Loathing of Open-Space Offices

Agile methods recommend co-location and face-to-face communications, but studies of office workers show high levels of dissatisfaction with open-plan environments. So, how do we make agile work and minimize the issues surrounding open-plan environments?

Create a Productivity Culture

Productivity is the art of doing more with the time, money and resources at your disposal. To enhance the productivity of an organization or team — be it streamlining processes, improving communications or fostering innovation — leaders need to pay attention to these six cultural attributes.

The Message from the Middle

Middle managers are a valuable communication channel between the C-level and those on the front lines. Are they getting the communications support they need in your organization?

The Bleeding Edge: 2009 Technologies, Part II

In Part 1 of our review of trends and technologies that will impact the project manager in 2009, I described a period of financial tightness, energy dislocations, lessened globalization, and an increasingly unstable geo-political environment where small and medium-sized business will see growth because of their adaptability. I also anticipate increasing use of web mashups, digital convergence and unified communications, presence/video surveillance-based security, and collaborative technologies in economic activity.

The Deadheading Solution

Improve your e-mail communications and delegation by deadheading this annoyance wherever you find it.

By The Book

The project control book is a simple, often overlooked tool that helps you keep track of critical project documents, status, issues and other action items. It can go a long way to improving stakeholder communications, be it a formal meeting or random encounter. Here’s how to set up and maintain a good one.

Talk Talk

Communication is key, folks! Read why recognizing the impacts of customer type and complexity on project communications can keep your project healthy.

Yeah Baby! Now That’s My Style!

Move over, Austin Powers. There’s a new shagadelic, cool cat in town. It’s called People Styles, a communications-enhancing framework you should get to know. Intimately.

Communication Barriers in the Client’s Workplace and Possible Solutions

In this article, the author focuses on communication barriers that exist when a project manager works at the client’s location and manages an off-shore team. Processes within the Project Communications Management Knowledge Area are identified in which the project manager can proactively anticipate such communication barriers by broadening his or her planning scope along with solutions for tackling them.

How to Stop Cyber Bullying (with Pictures) – BestSkills

How to Stop Cyber Bullying. Cyber bullying occurs when electronic communications such as text messages, emails, instant messages, and social media updates are used to threaten or humiliate someone. Its consequences can be just as serious…

How to Pass the NCLEX RN Exam (with Pictures) – BestSkills

How to Pass the NCLEX RN Exam. OK, so you’ve graduated from nursing school. Now, while your communications major buddies are partying, you’re worrying about the most important test of your life. Yes, it’s frightening, but you can pass with…

How to Build Several Easy Antennas for Amateur Radio

How to Build Several Easy Antennas for Amateur Radio. Amateur Radio has been a supreme way of communications for many ways of getting messages from one place to another for decades! Many antennas have been invented simply by necessity….

8 Ways to Translate Tasks

Emails. Memos. Project descriptions. It’s not uncommon to have a stack of communications each day that we have to translate into tasks that we can actually

The 4 Types of Employee Communication

This infographic can help you better understand company and employee communications so you can better streamline communication in your own workplace.

5 Ways to Use Twitter for Good

I’m a big fan of Twitter, and have been using it heavily since the outset. For those of you not yet using it, Twitter is a communications gateway that asks

Susan Nathan – The Balance – Best Skills

Susan Nathan has been writing about employee benefits for the past couple of years. She works with colleagues and clients to produce benefits pieces aimed at employees, to help them better understand what their companies offer them. Before that, she worked for a health plan, where she wrote material targeting both employers and members. There she learned about managed care. She currently works in communications at an employee benefits firm.

Allena Tapia – The Balance – Best Skills

Freelance marketing and communications consultant in Lansing, Michigan: writer Allena Tapia. Provides professional marketing, communications, editorial, freelance writing, and translation through GardenWall Publications. Specializes in social justice, education writing, Latino audiences, and health/medical subjects.

7 Economical Small Business CRM Tools – Best Skills

What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and why might your business benefit from one? A CRM manages all the various interactions with leads, prospects and customers. Each system is different, but most track various inbound and outbound communications, automate sales actives and manage marketing. The overall goal of these tools is to promote efficiency within an organization and reduce costs. Listed below is a collection of CRM tools well suited for the small business.

Staffing Your Office – Best Skills

The heartbeat of the office is the people: They determine if the office will function efficiently. Learn how to find the best people for the job, as well as the planning and communications you need to ensure that the work is being done efficiently.

10 Jobs to Check Out This Week: Writing & Editorial

Looking for a new job in publishing, journalism, or communications? Or just starting your career and want to browse what’s out there? Check out these writing and editing jobs from Mashable, NPR, and more.

Disaster Recovery: Crisis Communication 101

When a lawsuit, technical glitch, or other crisis strikes your company, your first instinct is to panic. And that’s why you need to be prepared ahead of time. Learn the basics with the first installment of our crisis communications series.