Novare – Assessment tool to help schools measure student proficiency


Novare’s assessment platform provides teachers, administrators, parents and students a holistic view of learning. They offer a variety of perspectives to view student performance – projects, narratives, portfolios, and learning goals – so that assessments are truly authentic to each student.

Who they are

They help teachers and students organize information so the focus is on the students and deeper learning. Teachers can organize, share and reuse content. Resources are at students fingertips to help them think deeper about topics. They focus on mastery learning. Novare tracks student progress, analyzes and communicates a student’s learning to families in a holistic approach. Capturing evidence of learning and sharing with families, teachers and administrators builds a school’s culture and community.

Their Philosophy

Children are competent and capable.  Connecting criteria to performance-based or formative assessment and providing open-ended opportunities with time to reflect and revise in areas of student interest will deeply engage students. The best learning happens when students are engaged and focused on their learning. The goal is mastery, confidence, perseverance.

Guiding principles

  • Innovate : They support innovative teaching by capturing the complete learning experience. Their portfolios allows educators to focus on the whole child.
  • Educate: They promote learning through reflection and revision. Their learning goals foster improvement and growth over time.
  • Communicate: Their analytics and reports enable seamless communication and collaboration across classrooms, between teachers, administrators, and of course, families.

Product Features

  • Portfolios with Student Insights: Their portfolios do more than aggregate student work.  They facilitate multiple approaches to teaching and learning, from Competency Based Learning to Social Emotional Learning, while assessing students in all environments.
  • Learning Goals: Learning goals provide a common language with an understanding of purpose in order to promote deeper learning.  Schools may customize proficiency levels and share learning goals to facilitate a growth mindset. Their platform helps track growth over time in order to focus on learning.
  • Analytics: Information can reveal itself in different ways when analyzed and charted, which is why they developed a robust analytics and reporting feature that doesn’t just aggregate data but provides a dynamic view based on history, trends, and patterns.
  • Criteria Based Reports and a Growth Mindset: Schools need flexibility to shape their reports in order to meet the needs and expectations of their community. Their reports are customizable with graphs, narratives, tables, and are able to display student work as options to convey student learning to families.
  • Projects & More Library: Their platform helps teachers organize, share and reuse their ideas. With a simple click share your projects or use existing projects or ideas. Projects provided by Novare or shared from outside of your school have been checked for quality.
  • Student & Family Portals: Keeping students and their families connected creates community.  With Novare easily share projects, reports, or updates all in one place and provide opportunities for students to curate their own portfolios, reflect and revise to promote deeper learning.

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