Modular Management System – Fully featured with native apps & integrated partners


MMS ONLINE – Their full-featured MMS Student Information System made available using the Software-as-a-Service model.


Lower up-front costs than buying the software, and their IT people take care of all the technical issues. The low, annual per-student fee allows you to pay as you grow, and includes access to the complete MMS system, annual support services, software updates, and enhancements.

You simply run MMS OnLine using your computer’s web browser, or even your smart phone. Connect from school, from home, from virtually anywhere you have Internet access. They do the rest!

The MMS Student Information System is powerful, intuitive, and easy to learn. The easy to navigate tabbed interface, pre-defined reports, and ability to bookmark frequently used functions, are just some of the ways MMS will make data management easier for you.

Web portals for Parents, Students, Teachers, Administrators, and Staff offer each stakeholder fast, role-based access to the necessary data, reports, and functions.

Fully centralized school or district database, Teacher Gradebook, Biographical, Attendance, Grade Reporting and Scheduling systems, Discipline, Assessment Reporting, Health, State Reporting, and more!


  • Certified SIF 2 Agent
  • Mass Notification System
  • Cafeteria Management & POS System
  • Visitor Management System

Their IT staff will keep your MMS system up and running smoothly with technical upgrades and continually updated software and hardware at no additional cost. Personalized technical support- with a live technician for troubleshooting, remote desktop sharing capabilities, and monitoring of all systems and resources.

MMS OnLine uses mirrored data storage, state of the art servers, high speed Internet backbone, 128-bit SSL encryption, 24/7 monitoring in a secure data center, to provide reliability, security, and peace of mind.

Use MMS OnLine for your student data management. School administrators everywhere are realizing that this model of deploying software and storing data can provide a significant savings in costs, time, and resources. Teachers, school staff, parents and students appreciate being able to access their student information system from any place on earth with an Internet connection. Whether you are a teacher needing to finish entering grades, a parent checking your child’s progress, or an administrator needing a report, access is easy and convenient with MMS OnLine.

MMS OnLine can reduce your technology and maintenance costs associated with provisioning and maintaining servers and infrastructure to support your student information system. Our technical people take care of your data as part of the MMS OnLine low, per-student annual fee. With MMS OnLine, your student data are located in locked server cabinets on Computer Resources’ servers in a state-of-the-art, secure data center. The staff takes pride in keeping their Internet backbone running with consistent bandwidth and sophisticated routing at 99.999% uptime. The data center uses high capacity fiber optic circuits with redundant pathways to their core Nortel and Cisco switching and routing facilities.

Features that provide you with peace of mind:
• Dedicated Fortinet firewall with Intrusion Prevention, Antivirus/Antispyware, and Data Loss Prevention technology
• Redundant climate control
• Inergen fire suppression & air evacuation fire suppression
• Multiple entrances for diverse fiber optic connectivity
• Separate pathways for Interconnectivity to upstream carriers
• Security system & video monitoring
• 24×7 monitoring of all connections
• 24×7 secure swipe card access
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies
• Back up generator for prolonged outages


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