Meet the Metrics! Sales Management Madness.

YOUR SALES MANAGER IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION. YOUR EXPERIENCED SALES REP JUST LOST ANOTHER SALE. THE TEAM NEEDS TRAINING…(AGAIN). What is the problem here? The Sales Team has many needs for accomplishing its objectives. As Sales Trainers, your responsibility rests on your ability to teach your sales reps and sales managers HOW to manage those objectives. This can be done by isolating the specific metrics, processes and competencies. What are those objectives? What processes do you design that meet business goals? What metrics are you focusing on to drive performance? What competencies have you identified in EACH of your sales team members? WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR SALES TEAM DOING, SAYING AND ACCOMPLISHING AFTER YOUR TRAINING IS OVER? It is important now for Sales Trainers to keep on top of the details of sales by focusing on training teams how to execute the right sales activities at the time, with the right knowledge, and building up the people you hire on the sales force the right way. The benefits of focusing on training impact are well worth the impact study: The amount of money gained, time savings and team performance increases are too high to ignore. A Sales Trainer can develop training systems that keep sales management operations manageable and profitable. IS YOUR SYSTEM WORKING? The end result of how your sales management team operates depends on how masterful you are at teaching, duplicating and re-focusing on the metrics, processes and competencies that drive your sales performance results. If the trainer does not monitor this closely, the impact of their training will not likely produce a successful outcome long term – and is usually seen in the unstable monthly sales revenue results and costly turn over in sales employees. This is not a good testimony for sales training – and unfortunately it exists in far too many organizations. Sales Training Drivers is committed to helping you identify these challenges and offering real world solutions to drive sales.

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